A stalker?

Ok so this is just another random regular post, but then again aren’t they all? haha

Made my first aussieBum purchase this year! Well no that’s not entirely true, as you know I wrote about how I purchased some swimwear for my trip to Fiji, but in terms of underwear, this is my first one this whole year.

I know, I have enough & don’t need any more – in fact my underwear drawer is starting to get hard to slide shut properly :P. You might think I own practically every underwear design they offer but that’s where your wrong ;).

As an aussieBum fan, I can tell you that things have been seriously quiet in terms of new products and specials etc etc.  They haven’t really bought out much of anything new this whole year & their website really hasn’t had a lot of activity in terms of deals or specials – it’s almost as if aussieBum has gone as far as they can & are starting to wrap things up.

Their newest additions have come in the form of this weird mix of a wrestle singlet & swim shorts – they call it ‘Wrestle Swimwear’…. interesting. I don’t really grasp the whole concept. What 20/30 something year old stud is gonna think, oh yea screw my board shorts, where’s my wrestle swimwear! and run off to the beach with his mates? hahaha It’s like a full one piece body suit. The funniest thing is, in almost every single promotional picture for this new product, the models have taken down the singlet off their shoulders & are just wearing them like shorts – as if they’re selling swim shorts – not a one piece wrestle singlet. I do realise the whole point is to wear these at the beach, but they look just like board shorts & surely you’d get changed before you went to the beach after you were wrestling?

Ah, maybe I’m just being too critical – well actually it’s probably the fact I’m pissed they bought this weird product out when I’m dying to see some hot new undies! And can I just say, who the fuck is gonna buy this ‘wrestle swimwear’ at over NZD$100 when they have regular bordies/speedos at much cheaper prices…. and even the ‘wrestle market’ they’re trying to tap into must be tiny & not worth the effort. Oh well :(. Let’s hope these aussie jocks get their shit together & pump out some new underwear before Christmas!

Enough bitchin’ :P. So first pair I got were the Journey Hip Blue. These are exactly the same as the last Journey pair I got, except they’re a different colour.  So yea, the colour is the only difference. Very straight forward. These ones feel great & don’t bunch up which is nice. :)

The second pair I brought are the Man Hipster Navy. I actually wore these yesterday for the first time & loved them. These ones are a new design from ausseiBum I haven’t tried before & I’d definitely get them in another colour. They look sexy as hell. Fit very snug too. The only down side bout these would have to be the waistband. Right now it’s perfect, but I can feel there is some kind of special elastic or rubber banding which I think could {after many washes & tumble dries} get damaged and either shrink or bunch up in the material. I know you’re not suppose to tumble dry these – in fact ALL my aussieBums say that on the tag, but I’ve always tumble dried them every since day one. I aint stopping now, especially with my busy little life.

The other 2 pairs I got aren’t really underwear, well technically they are…. they’re jock-straps :P. Now I’m not the type to wear these on a daily basis – just for a hook-up usually – but you never know when you’ll need one :P. Plus they’re sexy to have just in case & I think all gay men should own some ;). I already have a few myself. But like most guys’ out there I’m sure they spend more time in your drawer then getting worn.  They make me feel so horny & sexy if that makes any sense :P.

I got the Lockerboy Jock Ice jocks. They’re a lot like a pair I already have {Hunk Jock Blue}, but they’re not as tight fitting. These are still pretty good though, but nothing that grand to be honest. Glad I have them :)

The other jocks I got were the Catch Jock Marlin from that revealing ‘Catch Of the Day’ range they released a few years back. Basically they’re an underwear range made out of a special netting – kinda like a fish net, hence the name. So its kinda like wearing see through underwear, doesn’t leave much to the imagination when you’ve got them on, but I guess the whole concept of still wearing something is kinda sexy…. to some people. I never actually managed to get a pair of their hipsters – mainly because I couldn’t really see myself wearing them ever, plus would be a little weird putting them through the wash. My mum is pretty cool but would deff wonder why my underwear was covered in holes hahaha. I showed her my new jocks & she couldn’t help but laugh. She kept asking, why would someone wear something like that. Oh my dear sweet innocent mum. haha who am I kidding, she use to flat with gays when she was young, she knows how we roll ;).

Changing topic completely, thought I’d share some random event that happen to me the other night. Ok so it’s 3 in the morning, I’m the only one up – as usual – and I’d just finished watching revenge & was laying on the floor in my pad downstairs doing leg raisers. I’m facing the ranchslider which has the curtain drawn across when I saw one end move.

The ranchslider door was slightly open (like we always have it mainly for the cats) and it was windy outside but it looked strange, so immediately I stood up then slowly walked over to the curtain & pulled it back. I just about pissed myself because a man was standing there, just outside the ranchslider door. In the same instant, I dropped the curtain and he jumped to the side and then boosted down the drive and across the street. I quickly opened the curtain again and stuck my head out the door just in time to see him running as fast as he could up the street the round the corner.

Once he was gone I just stood there. My legs felt so weak & I held myself  in confusion for a bit trying to piece together what exactly had just happened. Once my brain had finally calmed down and I came to the realisation that some stranger had just been standing at the door and tried to pull the curtain back to look in, I sped upstairs to my sis’s room. I jumped on her bed and told her someone just tried to get in the house. Being the butch MMA fighter she is, she grabbed her bat and headed downstairs.

She was in nothing but her pyjamas which barely covered anything and marched out on the street & followed in the direction that I had told her he’d run – she’s so brave hahaha. We both ran up to the last point I had seen him run but there was no sign of him anywhere. I mean he could have continued running… or hid behind a car on the street, or hid in someone’s front lawn, or gone down someone’s driveway, or hell even back to their house – we couldn’t be fucked looking.

But as we walked back to our house we noticed a black opened bag which was sitting on our front lawn, as if it had been dumped. Looked as if the guy had dumped it in order to run away faster. So we bring the bag in and go through it – it was fucken heavy. Inside it had a car jack, tyre iron thingy, and all these bank & insurance statements… some even with an address on them. The address was the house right beside ours.

We were so confused. The neighbours were all home and all asleep. My sister said maybe it was just a friend who was returning the bag but got the wrong house? I said, ‘oh really? at 3 fucken o’clock in the morning?” Why didn’t they knock on the front door or leave a note? Instead of sneakily try to pull the curtain open. Plus we weren’t even sure this bag had anything to do with the guy that sped off…

And that’s the other thing, I had the lights going, TV going & even some music playing on the computer. Not loudly, but enough for someone to hear that’s walking up the driveway…. so whoever it was knew someone was home and AWAKE!. I even got my sister to walk up the driveway to see if she could hear the music playing… and she could.

We ended up just locking up and going to bed. We just couldn’t figure out who or why that person had been snooping around. I didn’t see his face because as soon as I pulled the curtain back he jumped back out of the light and then raced off like there was no tomorrow. All I can describe about him is that he was tall, and wearing chunky boots or sneakers and I wanna say bagging pants? Was hard to tell anything as I watched his figure disappear off in the distance. It all happened in a flash & as the days go on I’m kinda remembering less & less. It’s fucken annoying.

So anyway, we kept the bag for a few days until my brother went over to the neighbours and returned the bag. I was a little pissed about that, because my brother didn’t know the full story so pretty much just asked the dude if the bag was his. The neighbour was an Asian guy, pretty young, living with his parents who don’t speak English, and told my brother he’d been wondering where his bag had been, he usually keeps it in his car which is parked out on the street, and sometimes even forgets to lock his car (my brother said he seemed like a total dumb arse) – said he’d only noticed it was missed for a day, even though we’d had it at our place for many days…. so pretty much no help.

So, the only conclusion I can really come to is that maybe the stranger stole the bag from the car & noticed that our ranchslider was open and thought maybe he could quickly steal something else while no one was around. But that doesn’t really fit because it was pretty obvious someone was home… so either he wasn’t scared of breaking in while people were up & awake or he was just being a total fucken perve. I also didn’t hear any car doors opening so he can’t have taken anything from the car, I’m pretty observant of noises from the street when its late at night. Which also makes me think he crept up our driveway very quietly, because I can always hear when someone is coming up – which hints he really wasn’t up to any good.

It’s so weird, I keep thinking about it & the moment I pulled the curtain back keeps going over & over in my head. Why the fuck was he there? Didn’t he seem my shadow in the curtain as I walked to the door? Why didn’t that scare him away first? What did he expect would happen if I hadn’t pulled the curtain back & let him open the curtain as he looked in?, me to offer him a cup of tea?. I mean what would have happened if I hadn’t have been awake, and downstairs had been all closed & locked up?

How many times to do hear/read about people getting burgled late at night while they are still at home? I thought it only happened during the day when you’re out at work? Many years ago, when I was living in south Auckland our house got broken into 3 times. All 3 times was during the day while everyone was out. Are the new age robbers different? Was this guy even looking to steal anything?

There’s no point going on I guess. I’ll never know the full story. All the girls at work are so shocked I didn’t call the police. haha I guess it never occurred to me at the time. It just happened so fast. Well anyway that’s my little random story. I just thank god he didn’t have gun or knife & tried to attack me. I keep the bat right by the computer now ;)

Well moving on… all of last year’s shows are finally being released here in NZ on DVD so went and bought Season 8 of DH & Season 1 of Revenge. Was the last time I’ll ever grab DH off the shelf {until the bluray box set comes out :P}. So now I finally have the entire series on DVD. Guess it’s time to start that marathon I always planned on…. but I’d rather wait till my mate has fully recovered. And he already told me that he’s keen as to watch Revenge from the start together, cos we kinda never followed it together, just use to watch it and then text each other about it afterwards.

Speaking of my mate, he’s healing real well. Finally got his metal head bars off last week, now just has to wear a neck brace for the next 3 months, then I guess just muscle physio for his neck. He got a new phone, and not just any new phone – this top of the line touch screen one {lucky bastard} so that’s kept him happy, plus we can actually keep talking to each other. I haven’t seen him since the accident! I sent him down a little parcel with food, cards, a bunch of random crap & some pen drives filled with all the new episodes from revenge etc. He was super excited when he opened it. Planning to send him another one this week :P

Anyway gonna warp this up now, had some other points but I figure I’ve left this blog long enough & have enough words so that’s that. Oh & by the way, aussieBum have JUST released a new design of underwear – no more than a week ago {after I’d written the part above about aB not having anything new in ages}.

It’s so funny, they must have sensed I was writing that & thought, shit we better get a new range up before he posts the blog. So just for the record, when I said ” They haven’t really bought out much of anything new this whole year” that was BEFORE the new editions – which I must say look pretty awesome. Bright fun colours & stripes. I think they’re called ‘Bar Up’ or something? I can’t confirm that as my internet just died on me… But I am definitely getting me some of these beauties. Next week maybe even :P

That’s another thing. We went about 1 & ½ weeks without internet. Honestly you don’t know how precious that network is until you have no access to it, there soo much stuff you can’t do/find/check/buy/update/get up to date with – that we all take for granted. Even little things like checking movies times or how full the cinema is… me & my sis just turned up to the movie cinema & checked the screen times – something we haven’t done since we were little. Our network provider made up some bullshit excuse like they were upgrading our fibre optic cables? Is that what they are? Anyway it took a whole week, then the following week we still didn’t have any connection till Wed. IT FUCKEN SUCKED!!!!!!!!

I pretty much just sat on the couch every night just watching TV, or when TV got completely shit put on AbFab or GGG to lighten my mood :)

That’s a wrap.

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25 Responses to “A stalker?”

  1. thomas Says:

    hey davey,
    sounds like your late night visitor was an opportunistic thief, who checked out your house on impulse. he may have been an opportunist voyeur as well. i had a similar experience when i asked my cricket captain if i could take a shower mid-way during our team’s innings, and while i was showering off i looked up to see an old man had been at the door watching me. he rushed off when i spotted him.
    along a similar line, given your world-wide fame and high profile on the internet, it is surprising that your residence has not been stalked already. there are a lot of weird people around.
    your mum and you sound like you have a real laugh about your aussiebum collection. have you considered buying some black biker boots to go with the speedo look ?

  2. Mark Says:

    A friend of mine had a stalker experience too. Turned out it was someone who lived in his apartment building. He called the cops, his landlord, and had the guy kicked out. Even if you called the cops most likely nothing would come of it and you would have been up all night. Sorry you had a bad experience though.
    Good news on your mate. Glad to hear it. Do your best to support his recovery AFTER he is out of the hospital. I remember when I was hospitalized and everybody wanted to visit but once I got home they all disappeared. Even a phone call or, like you’ve done already, some food just to say “I’m thinking about you”.
    And as far as the undees? Why can’t you post pics of YOU wearing them? Not the damn airbrushed models. Even though you prefer AussiBum, try undergear.com, I’ve got some hot stuff from them in the past.

    Good to hear from you. Take care and keep the baseball bat handy.


  3. Mark Says:

    You don’t post often enough but you post too much at once. How about posting three times a month?

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