half way through

Still recovering from the loss of my Desperate girls! :(

Ha! Anyway, thought it was time for another random blog with no real topic/theme.

The other week I finished work early for an appointment & as I was leaving my work to walk out on the street it was absolutely pissing down with rain. I thought, ah damn I’ll just stand here & wait it out like a few other people around me were starting to do. But 10mins later, the rain wasn’t letting up.

I text my sister, who was waiting for me in another part of the city, to say ‘still haven’t left yet’ to meet her when she said she was caught up in the rain as well & got completely drenched trying to run back to the car – I’m talking soaked bra wet.

So I get restless waiting & walk round to the other side of my building & wait alongside the street under the cover by the car park exits so my sis can just drive by and I can jump in. The street is basically over flowing with water & drains everywhere are getting blocked. At one point I looked down the car park exit driveway leading to the basement of our building & saw water bubbling up from the ground. Turns out after I left the office, an email was sent around advising people not to try to get to their cars & not to use the elevators anymore as the basement to our building was flooding. Pretty serious shit.

My sis finally turns up & I jump in and we drive off into the flooding streets. We headed for the motorway, but all the while in the back of my head I kept thinking, there’s no way I wanna be travelling 100km/hr on a highway with all this surface water around. The streets were pretty chaotic, cars going too fast, some going too slow & others had completely stopped altogether – either the drivers were scared or the engines had flooded.

At one point, we stopped at the intersection before the onramp to the motorway & one of the streets pretty much had turned into a river & had a torrent of storm water flowing right through the entire intersection. We were suppose to drive straight through, but I told my sister, there’s no fucking way I’m letting you drive us through that. When our lights when green, she turned right onto other street to try going around the block to get away from the flooding, and as we left I could see some cars behind us following us but some were risking it & trying to drive through the currents.

While we were going around Victoria park, the flooding was just as bad, the cars in front of us had their exhaust underwater & I kept thinking, fuck what about ours! But we kept the car moving, even just slowly.

Then on the final street leading up to the motorway onramp {Fanshawe street}, the entire left lane was totally underwater – to the point where even buses were not driving through. Someone even caught one stupid idiot on camera driving through it – if you watch this video you can see this car is almost completely underwater at one point {you’ll have to forgive the idiot narrator}. Here’s the vid: http://youtu.be/hu6Sy51L_0I

This is a video of Queen Street, the main street that runs through downtown: http://youtu.be/JEZiba3Ot3Q. Here’s another video {the yellow bus from 0:29-0:39 is the bus I catch everyday! :P}.

There was also a lot of flash flooding on the North Shore, here’s a tiny clip from the event centre which is not that far from my house: http://youtu.be/OC1pxTWC4Yw.

When we did finally make it home, we found water coming in from the bottom of our stairway on the bottom floor. Ekkk! I won’t lie, I was a little excited cos I’m into all that destructive nature type stuff but being in a car out on the streets as they’re flooding – wasn’t a good feeling.

Haven’t talked about anything to do with music lately so here goes.

Recently bought ‘Electra Heart’ by Marina and the Diamonds & I fucken love it! To be honest, the only reason I bought it was because my mate told me he got it & thought it was awesome. We were talking on facebook & he sent me some links to the songs on YouTube & straight away I was sitting there thinking, fuck I need to get this on my iPod!

The singer is called Marina Lambrini Diamandis {bit of a mouthful} so hence the title of her “stage/performer name”. She’s not new to me either, I heard a song of hers years ago late one night on the music channel when they just play random music videos. The song was ‘Hollywood’ & I looked it up, downloaded it and added it to my playlists. Didn’t think for one second to dig into who the singer was or what album it was from.

I really enjoy this new album. Then again I haven’t really listened to anything new in a long time so anything new would be exciting to me, but it still rocks :P. Power & Control stands out the most for me, not many words & a bit repetitive but the song just really does it for me. Plus Marina looks hot as. This is it here: http://youtu.be/o3Rp_0hoNTY

Her official release from the album that has taken off is ‘Primadonna’. Another pretty awesome song, plays on TV & on the radio quite a lot here. Played twice while at the gym, tried so hard to not dance round like a pansy in front of all the buff sexy breeders. This is it: http://youtu.be/Gj5L9SYhoSE

I love her singing style. Personally I reckon its kinda like Lana Del Rey meets Lady Gaga. Like if one of Lana’s slow earthy songs was glammed up more pop/mainstream. But she still has her own little style which is cute. And she’s Welsh! Who knew haha :P

Went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman & can say to you that as of now – it’s the best new movie I’ve seen so far this year. I saw the trailer a long time ago {they release them sooo early these days} & was pumped as for it and rightfully so.

It’s all thanks to that outstanding actress Charlize Theron who played a brilliant evil Queen, Ravenna. Pretty much the best thing of the whole damn movie. The first whole 20 minutes were great with the narration of the story at the beginning to how she managed to get into the kingdom, become queen then take over. God she was outstanding! She really took that whole role to another level & wasn’t scared to not hold back. I read in the Empire magazine that she was surprised the director wanted her & was even more surprised he let her get so ‘nuts’.

Have already talked about Charlize in her other film Young Adult, and by now I must admit she is my new favourite actress, right behind Kate Winslet. She played that evil queen so perfectly, such a cold hearted bitch to all the other characters but showed us {the viewers} her vulnerable weak side. As she’s said in interviews there is another side to the evil queen which we got to see in this film & I loved that. There was more to her being evil than just for the sake of being a bitch – it was her way of life, how she survived. Her mother taught her that her beauty was her power & so she was just protecting that. And well… trying to stay young & gorgeous forever, but can ya blame her? :P

Another part I loved the most was the end when she is stabbed by snow white & crawls next to her throne to die. Evil bitch or not, you had to feel sorry for her. I mean I was on Ravenna’s side from the start but even if you weren’t it was pretty sad. Like I just said, there was another side to the evil queen that we are fully aware of by this time in the film & even though she did deserve to die {she absolutely did not} snow white kinda sits with her with gloomy eyes & shares a little sympathy moment with her. Snow white whispers ‘You can’t have my heart’ and she SHOULD have continued with ‘But you can have my forgiveness’. But instead our gorgeous Ravenna shrivels up to a pile of ugliness…. I admit I did cry. Once she died the movie was pretty much over for me. Can I also just say – her costumes were outstanding! Perfect in every way, whoever created those amazing outfits needs an award! Honestly!!

There were plenty of other awesome kick-ass hot evil scenes but I’ll be here all night {bathing in ‘milk’ scene!!}. I guess I should mention the other cast & the rest of the movie. Kristen Stewart offered not much more than she’s already showed us in the Twilight saga. But in saying that, I do think she was the right one for the role. They needed a pretty active tomboy, not some pussy ass princess running round trying not to get mud on herself. All in all I can see why a lot of critics would give this movie 3 Stars but not 4 or 5. There does seem to be an element missing after the first half of the film {especially when the Queen has been absent a while ;)}. But honestly, I think it was great – if it had added anymore to this ‘element’ it might have come off as a Lord of the Rings type of movie and god knows we don’t need that! It had just enough to be magical & darkly fairy tale like – which rocked!

Also the ending scene was a little… well empty & unfinished in my opinion. Yes, the kingdom is put back in order with the evil queen dead & Snow White reclaiming her father’s throne.. and everyone in the castle there to see her. But the Huntsman {who is played by the hunky Chris Hemsworth} is way at the back, just standing there even though they both know they have a ‘thing’. And then the camera just seems to disappear slowly out the door as the movie fades out to black. That definitely should have been rewritten – or was it suppose to be strangely absent of some worthy fairytale ending, who knows…. the whole 2 minutes just seemed very awkward.

Ah well, still can NOT wait to get this on bluray & add it to my collection! Just a taste of Ravenna: http://youtu.be/961oEU1_oyE http://youtu.be/6ek0_l4YGkQ

Enjoyed returning to the Ice Age franchise – Ice Age 4. It takes me back to my childhood when we went to see the very first one back when I was like 12. Ahhh I remember going to the movies back then, was so much fun & carefree & I use to get soo excited I’d have to go for a piss bout 3 times before the movie started. Plus back then I never had to pay haha :P.

This franchise is arguably the best work 20th Century has done in terms of animation. I thought this latest instalment was pretty good! Wasn’t sure how the introduction of new characters would go, but it turned out for the best – especially Sid’s granny played by the hilarious Wanda Sykes. She kept me & my sis giggling all the way through.

I think it’s really neat how each movie kinda pulls from a certain era of how the earth’s changed over time, first the ice age, then the meltdown, then dinosaurs {bit out of place but still cool} & now the crust breaking up & forming countries. I guess the next movie would bring them to our time? Or maybe to the medieval ages? haha I haven’t read anything yet, but I’m betting there will be a 5th instalment – it’s done pretty well at the box office. Hopefully they can keep it going without making it too boring or going too far off the edge, either way I’ll be lining up for the 5th one ;). These movies always make me feel warm & fuzzy on the inside. Whenever my brother plays the first 3 here at home, I just wanna grab a blanket & a hot drink & cuddle up on the couch. They’re so CUTE!

Talking cartoons… gotta mention I went and saw 2012’s big Disney/Pixar movie of the year: Brave.

It was a real good movie. The whole 10th century Scottish theme of the movie did put me off after watching the trailer, but it was brilliantly done. I will say though, I was expecting something totally different. From the moment her mother transforms into a bear my mind immediately took me back to that pretty small underrated Disney flick ‘Brother Bear’ {which I love} & I couldn’t really pull my mind away from it.

Thought it was a little strange Disney would revisit the whole ‘transform into a wild animal in order to learn some great metaphorical message’, ya know the whole journey of self discovery type of story. Just this time it was on a much larger mainstream scale & between a mother & daughter mixed with some social expectations – so girls & mums of this century could relate, pft!

But anyway the animation was gorgeous, as they always are year after year. Gotta admit, the highlight for me was her 3 little triplet brothers. God damn they were sooooo adorable. I swear I said ‘nnaaawwww’ out loud every time they came on screen. And when they turn into bears as well, aw gosh they were so cute. Reminded me of my lil brother when he was 4 or 5, this innocent little kid running round the house {usually naked} creating havoc. Ahhh, those were the days.

Am surprised by all the relatively negative responses from critics around the globe. It was nothing outstanding I will agree – probably not as bright & fluffy as last year’s Tangled, but sometimes it’s good to have a slightly darker take on these things. Didn’t even realise Merida, the main character, was the first female lead for a Pixar film until I read the reviews. Then again, her character is so boyish & braver than most young guys out there – kinda forgot she was a lady anyway. Great film, but not Amazing.

Will also mention before I close up that I saw that prequel to the Alien franchise Prometheus. Not sure if I wrote in previous blogs, but years back during high school my sister went through a pretty big Alien phase & I tagged along for the ride. I enjoyed them, especially the 2nd & 4th instalments :).

Prometheus was probably on par with the other alien movies, always good to see some answers to the very first movie where Ripley & her team land on the planet for the first time, but then again there were plenty of questions left as we walked out of the cinema. Guess it’s just another one of those franchises that the studios will never officially close the doors on.

Had my gorgeous Logan Marshall-Green, that I mentioned in my old blog talking about the movie Devil, along with Charlize Theron! Haha yes she seems to be pumping them out these days, who can blame her. She played this emotionless cold corporate bitch & was pretty good at it. Her performance was nothing like Snow White or Young Adult, but it was good to see she can play a role like this as well, she’s an actress with range!

All in all the movie was pretty much what you’d expect if you’d seen the previous 4. Had an equally squeamish scene to match that of the very first famous chest burst scene – when the leading actress performs a ‘do it yourself caesarean’. I had a lot of trouble watching that part, I buried my face in my sis’s shoulder – pretty gross.

Another cool aspect was that we finally got to see what that ‘creature’ was that they discover at the beginning of the first Alien movie, sitting in what looks like in a gun control thing. Turns out, that elephant looking face was just a helmet & they look just like humans, just with translucent skin with gorgeous muscles.

But as my sister pointed out, there was a huge flaw in the end of the film. As this muscled glowing Alien tries to take off & gets into its chair thing but crashes… he’s suppose to have just died in the crash… or maybe been knocked unconscious – because in the first Alien film, they discover its dead body & see what ‘something’ has burst through its chest.

But in the end of this movie… that same super buff Alien seems to emerge from the crashed ship & goes after Elizabeth who has taken off to the lifeboat type pod thing. He tries to kill her but ends up getting killed by the create that she got cut out of her then locked up… and as it tries to fight it {alien monster vs. alien monster} she boosts off out of there hahaha. And we find out later that the hunky white guy has been implanted with… what seems to be the first “Alien creature” or a different type of creature… hence leading to the following 4 films.

But none of that could have happened if the team in the 1979 film find the crashed space ship, with that strange alien creature still at the helm of the ship, its corpse sitting there with visible evidence of something breaking through its chest. It never left? Unless something dragged its body back & put it back in the chair? pft year right.

Someone seriously fucked that up.

Well it’s about 4am in the morning so really should be running off to my bed. Hopefully be back with more shit talk soon :P Hard to believe half of 2012 is gone! It’s MAD! Ah well, we just gotta roll with it.

Chat u bitches up later :)

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  1. joseph Says:

    Ilove reading your blogs, ur descriptions make me feel like I’m in the car too! I’m glad u made it! Stay sexy! Mwah!

  2. thomasjones Says:

    hey davey
    here in the UK we have been getting loads of flooding like never before (this “summer” it basically hasn’t stopped raining)
    these unusual events have been put down to global climate change
    maybe NZ is seeing the same effects in the southern hemisphere

  3. Thrawn88 Says:

    Hey davey
    Glad you made it through the flooding, I had similar conditions where I am in the uk a few years back, had to get to an exam through the flood waters. Not fun times. The queen was also my fav character in snow white but I’m not a fan of Kristen Stewart lol. Also saw Prometheus enjoyed it though not seen the other aliens though I had heard about the bit you mentioned. Maybe it was a different ship there seemed to be a few there.
    Thanks for the blog great pics again

    Oh gunna be watching the new ab fab Olympics special today hehe will think of you when I watch it.

  4. Calvin Says:

    Hi Davey.
    Firstly glad you got through the floods ok, they looked really bad.
    Secondly I wanted to say just how much I love your blogs. They are so thoughtful and some are really informative. I have only recently discovered your blogs and have slowly made my way through all of them and everyone of them has been a delight to read. I love reading your thoughts on tv and films and your love of Desperate Housewives is shared by me too. I also love all the pictures you accompany alongside them, especially the ones of you ;) xx
    Thanks for continuing with your blogs and I hope you continue with these for as long as possible.

  5. bryan Says:

    Hey Davey. I’m a total Alien franchise fan too! But hey just want to clear up something you mentioned about the alien found in the chair in the first movie Alien. The planet that they landed on was not the same planet in Prometheus. In Prometheus the planet name is LV-223. But in the Alien and Aliens the planet is LV-426. It’s in the same solar system as LV-223. So we still do not know how that ship ended up there. So ya total dork here lol. But that should help you clarify.

  6. thomasjones Says:

    pS. I recommend you signing up to twitter. great way to spotlight your work, & keep everyone up to date to the second

  7. Calvin Says:

    Hi Davey,
    Firstly glad you got through the floods, they looked bad.
    Secondly I wanted to thank you for you insightful and thoughtful blogs you write and tell you how much I love reading them. I check everyday just in case you have written a new one. I also share your love of the Desperate Housewives Girls and miss them just like you do.
    Also I love seeing all the pictures you put in your blog, especially the ones of you ;) x
    Keep the blogs coming and I look forward to reading about your life and experiences.

  8. Calvin Says:

    Woops posted twice, as I didn’t realise my first got posted.
    Just shows how much I love you ;) xxxxx

  9. josh bloggs Says:

    Hey the Prometheus thing, pretty sure Aline was another planet. They said in the movie there were other weapons depots, and we saw in those memory flash projection things that somethingwent wrong and the big guys were running away from something. I figure they had outbreaks of the black oil stuff where ever they had it, it was too dangerous.

  10. vinrock Says:

    great to hear from you davey! enjoy your blogs at 3am haha

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