Glory Holes

Insanely hot & daring or utterly degrading and scummy?

Glory Holes! You either love ‘em or hate ‘em! Then again you might be on the fence or still unsure whether you really enjoy them or want to avoid them. Or you might not have even tried them at all.

I love them!

If you remember my earlier posts way back when my blog was still a baby I use to do entire blogs on random topics… usually sexually gay orientated topics lol ;). In fact those are still some of my most visited blogs today. My Cut vs. Uncut blog made it huge! Anyway I thought I’d go back to my roots and do another blog on Glory Holes – whether you visit one on a regular basis or still haven’t been tempted {or in many cases been able to even find one!}.

For all the homo newbies out there {or dummies} a Glory hole is basically a hole that’s been cut out of a wall, so a guy can put his dick through to the other person on the other side & empty his balls ;). That was actually harder to word than I thought it would be haha but yea just look at the pics throughout the blog… quite easy to get the idea :P. The holes are usually quite small & circular however I have seen many pornos & in real life – that are long or as big as your head. Guess that’s just for easier access? Not sure…

I guess I first discovered what they were like many other gay men out there…. through porn. I’m not lucky enough to live in a huge bustling city with a reasonable gay scene and multiple cruise areas all over the place. So when I saw it in porn I thought… wtf! That’s strange but kinda hot! Fuck I wanna try it.

Most porn out there use those obvious fake sets with toilet cubicles or worse but hell they still get the job done hahaha. There’s also a shit load of hot amateur content out there of guys filming themselves sucking cock and getting fucked through real Glory Holes at cruise spots all over the world. Damn when I watch them I gotta admit my cock reacts immediately. I’ll admit not all glory hole vids are hot… it does depend hugely on the guys sucking and the guys getting sucked.

I know some guys that couldn’t care less, the fact there’s a glory hole involved throws them over the edge! haha but not me. The men are still a pretty important factor –with or without a glory hole ;).

There’s a few porno tube sites out there with some famous users who post almost weekly vids of them sucking cock at their local glory holes. Some of them get me so hot, and they all seem to be so good at sucking dick. It’s like a natural talent for them. I think that’s partly why I like them so much, most dudes who suck me off don’t really do it for me, they all seem to have the same lazy/soft technique – but damn these boys posting the vids of themselves sucking dick at glory holes are amazing. Makes it look like so much fun & I envy the dicks getting serviced.

Auckland has very few or pretty much no places where there are glory holes. Well real ones anyway. All the gay saunas & cruise clubs in the city have them of course… but there are basically no real bathrooms elsewhere that have perfectly made glory holes you can slip your dick into. I’ve been told by a few guys that back in the day {the 80s I’m guessing??} there use to be glory hole bogs littered all over the place – especially the bathrooms near beaches or parks… but I guess they’re just been repaired and covered up since.

I’ve heard there are 2 places which actually have glory holes still in them but I’ve no idea how to get to them or what kind of guys hang round them…. so I’d rather not bother.

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been to the 2 main gay sex cruise places Centurian & Lateshift I think it’s called… well anyway they have the whole set up.. dark mazes and private rooms along with rooms with glory holes. Only once did I really get into the glory hole section. Was in a small dark room with glory holes cut out all over the surrounding walls. Had 3 cocks throbbing at me at once. Was a pretty hot experience, milked 3 of them ;).

But I only ever go to those places with a mate or to hook up with a guy cos we both don’t have places to play at, but that’s very rare. I have thought about going one horny rainy night by myself but I don’t have the balls for that. Plus I’d just feel desperate and pathetic. But it does give you a bit of an adrenaline rush I’ll admit. And I’ve seen some pretty hot as fuck guys go there aye. I’ll never forget one time ages back I was putting my clothes back on to leave when these two studly muscle jocks walked in… I almost threw my clothes off and ran for them… but as they passed me they didn’t seem the least bit interested so I thought fuck ‘em! :( Could have probably worked their dicks better than most the dudes in there but ah well, let them miss out :P

Back to the subject. Isn’t there something sexy bout getting hard in a cubicle knowing there’s a guy on the other side who wants to drain your balls and give you some carefree pleasure. All you do is slide that throbbing tasty cock through to the eager recipient on the other side and let the “love” begin so to speak LOL :P

There’s one place here in Auckland city up on K’road called “k’road vids” or video & it’s this tiny little place where you can go in pick a DVD off the shelf and go up to the counter and ask to watch it and then walk through to the back to where they have bout 6 or 7 Glory Hole booths sitting side by side. You walk in and the doors are numbered and the guy tells you at the counter which one yours is so you open the door and there’s a TV screen playing the porno you picked and a chair to sit in and on either side of you 2 glory holes. The space is no bigger than a public restroom stall and the only light is the light coming from the TV screen.

I’ll admit over the past 5 years I’ve been there quite a few times. Maybe 5 or 6 times a year… just depends. So far this year I haven’t been at all :( but I have been trying to meet up with this guy I know who is a great dick sucker.

He was the one who introduced me to the place. I’ll never forget the first time I went there. Fuck I was beyond petrified. He was texting me saying that once he finished work he was going to k’road vids and I’d meet him there and we’d play through the glory holes there. He explained the whole thing to me, what to do when you walk into the tiny DVD shop part & just say you wanna watch this – cost $10. He even left a $10 note behind one of the DVDs. SO I found it & grabbed the DVD – was too terrified to care whether it was a good one and said hey I wanna watch this….

The guy knew I was a newbie and asked if I’d been there before, & I replied with nah but I’m meeting a guy who’s already here. He just smiled. He told me to open the door and walk through till the first door on the left. Like I said the place was tiny so it wasn’t hard at all. And through that door it was dark… but I could make out booths & each door has a number, so I jumped into mine and that was that pretty much.

Cool thing bout that place is you can leave your booth and join someone else’s and then both play with a cock through a glory hole or just with each other if you want :). You can even walk out and walk round a bit I guess – so maybe it is just another cruise club? Felt so good putting my cock through the hole and letting my friend work it while porn played in the background & you could hear other horny men jerking and sucking each other. Not sure if it’s the fact he’s so good at it or just because of the setting that makes it so kinky & sexy…..

Apparently they have booths there with no glory holes for straight dudes but that’s only what I’ve heard. They also have private rooms there you can rent for $15 for an hour I think it was. This jock from America visited years ago with his gf & didn’t have a place to play so I suggested the glory holes at k’road vids & he was all for it. It was when I was paying for my booth to join my friend that the guy behind the counter told me they had actual fuck rooms out back for an extra $5. So I thought hell yea & went got the stud and we went to the room which was really hard to find. There was a TV in there playing porn as well – was pretty hot aye.

And after your done playing in there you don’t have to come out the front entrance onto the main street – they have a back door so you can go out into the alley and then walk up to the road. I always use it. I once walked out the front entrance after a hot session and there happened to be a group of guys out front. They all gave me the dirtiest looks. I felt like saying ‘oh grow up you jealous fuckwits’.

All the vids online remind me of that place, it gives off the same vibe & is the closest thing this city  has to a real Glory Hole cruise place – even if it is all completely set up. It’s a cool little set up. Can’t wait to go again. I’ve been told the creepiest and weirdest guys hang out there, which I can totally believe but all the times I’ve been there over the years I haven’t come into contact with them. And even if I did I’d just ignore them or just simply say I’m not interested.

Again, I’ve never had the guts to go in there by myself. Mainly because it’s a bit of a gamble as to whether there would be any decent guys to suck off in there or vice versa… I cant imagine there would be… maybe on a Friday afternoon after the uni classes. Who knows. I think I’ll just stick to meeting guys there. Would hate to be sitting in there, horny as shit with no one decent to suck me off or me to suck & I’m left just wanking…. fuck I could do that at home & have a great time ;) :P

Maybe they’re so interesting & hot because of the whole risk factor involved. Obviously it’s not something that’s in the privacy of your own home. Its outdoors, in public. Plenty of gays out there have a thing for public fun & the risk of getting caught or just doing sexual stuff outside the walls of their home.

Then again, there are plenty of ‘home-made’ glory holes out there. Set up at people’s houses & they get guys to come over and play there. For the person coming over – that’s still unknown & kinky, some place away from home & many times they don’t even meet the guy they play with. They arrange to just open the front door/garage door walk up to the glory hole and away they go. That’s pretty hot, but then again personally I’d prefer to know who is on the other side.

I can see why a lot of guys don’t like them at all. My best mate is actually a little freaked out by them. He told me once, what if someone has a knife on the other side and cuts it off? I giggled but then thought about it & was kinda thrown back. Fuck can you imagine that? That’s pretty horrific. Or someone nails/ties it to something & you can’t pull it back through…. gruesome!

I’m sure there are a few horror stories out there like that & I hope to never hear them as I don’t want them to ruin my feelings towards glory holes :P They’re too hot.

Also, it’s not the most passionate form of sex now is it… pressed up against a wall.. as if your making love to a building LOL! But still… I don’t care & I won’t lie, I fucken love them! I just wish there were more here in Auckland. K’road vids is ok, but just wish there was something else other than just that place.

Can I also just say that finding pics for this blog was not a problem at all. There must be millions upon millions of pictures out there of Glory Hole orientation. It must be right up there with the top fetishes for men & most popular ways to get your dick wet ;) For both gay & straight dudes. Gotta admit I got so horny going through them all. Am craving a good glory hole service right bout now :P

Anyway sorry for the long wait. I know, only got 2 blogs up this entire month – should be ashamed of myself haha. Spent a few nights writing this one though. Just kept coming back to it then stopping for this & that. Got some new aussieBums so will have something at least half decent for the next blog ;)

Feel free to comment or share any stories about Glory Holes. And don’t be worried about whether you don’t like them. I love them but I’m not one of those idiots who doesn’t realise everyone out there might not love them. Any feedback is all good. Can it beat the Cut vs. Uncut blog? :P

But yea, there’s probably loads of other aspects I could write about but that’s all I can come up with right now.

Glory your Holes later ;)

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34 Responses to “Glory Holes”

  1. Kotso Says:

    Hmm personally I’ve a conflicting opinion about GloryHoles and perhaps it’s something you didn’t came up with.

    If not with friends, whom you know everything about, you are in danger of, well… getting any venereal disease, worst-case HIV, by sucking of someone else.

    But you are right with them anyway. It’s kinda thrilling awesome, at least the very idea of juicy, huge rods, waiting eagerly to be drained… om nom nom nom. :D

    I laughed pretty hard when you mentioned the reaction towards the guys in front of the entrance. Good to hear it!

    Even tho those special blog topics look pretty much like “selfmade pornsites”, (because of the pictures of course!) it’s rather interessting to read how you think about them.

    At least that’s a reason for me to like them that much :P

  2. Marcelo Says:

    Hummmm… you got me there David, no experiences at all…. have nothing to say,nothing to share…. I’m just lame at sex….

    But, since you’re 21, and you just told us, you have been visiting glory holes for the last 5 years, it means you were doing nasty sex at 16yo? Damn, that’s hot!!!!

  3. Ron Says:

    I loved this blog. I stay in a big city and there are glory holes everywhere and I LOVE THEM!!! I used to go and have a stranger blow me and it was awesome. I think the situation makes it hotter/feel better

  4. Thrawn88 Says:

    Hey Davey
    nice to see one of your theme blogs again :) i wasn’t around when they first started but they were good to read when i discovered your page and caught up. i personally have no experience with glory holes though have seen them featured in plenty of porn videos. not sure i would ever have the guts to actually go to one but they do seem hot.
    thanks for the blog

  5. Davey Says:

    ~ Kotso
    Thanks man, well the risk of sucking a dudes dick and getting HIV is very low – possible yes – but very low. I’ve had many docs at the free clinic here tell me the same thing. And even then its only risky if they’ve cut or bruised the penis… which is pretty much never. Even then the bacteria in your mouth {which helps you dissolve food before you swallow} helps kills foreign bacteria – and then of course once you swallow, your stomach acid takes care of the remains. Unless you have a fresh cut on your tongue or gums, your fine. but yea like I already said in the blog, its not for everyone.

  6. Davey Says:

    ~ Mercelo
    Well 16 is the legal age here in this country. Besides I know many, and I mean many, people who started much much younger than that. If i had the opportunity I would have started younger myself :P

  7. Davey Says:

    ~ Ron
    Grrrrr I do envy you! I think there is only 2 real GHs here in NZ, all the rest are in ‘fake’ sauna sex clubs etc. And it seems that the guys on the other side really know how to service a dick. So many dudes suck me off & I go soft because they fucken suck.

  8. Davey Says:

    ~ Thrawn88
    no worries man, thought ya might dig it ;) yea you really have to be into it, or have the guts to try them out, or just be so desperately horny you dont care! lol. But they’re fun, and trust me the guy on the other side is just as nervous and excited/horny as you are!

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