Hot or Not?

Another random post about a very popular and in many cases very infamous sexual activity for a lot of gay men out there.

What surprises me the most about rimming is the fact so many people out there don’t even know what is it or the act involves. For example my friends at uni had no idea what I was even talking about {yes we talk to each other about Everything!}, although they are straight…. Which brings me to another point, is rimming mainly just for gay guys? I mean, how many straight people out there actually do it? As much as us gay guys….?

So for the people out there that are totally lost… or looking at the pics in this blog thinking, WTF!….. Rimming is a sexual activity, usually included in the foreplay part, were a guy eats another guys ass out. If you still don’t understand, imagine a girl getting her pussy eaten out….. well it’s pretty much exactly the same, just on your anus instead! You use your lips & tongue {mainly} to…. well I think you know what I mean by now :P ;)

There’s a lot of people out there that view rimming as a disgusting and revolting activity and would never take part in it, I personally don’t blame them. I mean think about it, licking that area out can be seriously risky. But in saying that I personally think it’s hot, hot to do it, and hot to receive it.

When I explained the act to my gay friend, he screwed his face up and was like ‘eewww SICK!’, but when we talk about it now, he goes on about how this one guy did it to him and he can’t get e-fucking-nough of it :P I’m use that goes for a lot of other people out there, I was really worried when I first did it, but turned out all good in the end and even got me a lot hornier than I thought it was possible.

Personally for me, when a guy rims me out, there’s no real kick to it. Rimming is nothing like kissing a guy while pressing up against him, or giving or receiving head or of course fucking…. There’s just nothing about it that really pushes my buttons. The more buff or ‘straight’ acting or looking a guy is, the hotter it is for me, had a few twinkie guys rim me and I basically laid there thinking, oh hurry up and get it over with. Nothing like a big beefy stud grabbing your waist or thighs and burying his face in your butt :P

However there’re tonnes of guys out there that probably enjoy it more than giving head! I’ve met some guys who have been crazy bout rimming. I gotta say I enjoy doing it, especially if the guy is hot and has a real nice tight bubble butt….. mmmmm. But for me, I find as soon as I start & they begin moaning away, I just wanna slide myself inside and start thrusting away.

I wonder if it was straight couples or gay couples that first started doing rimming? I mean everyone knows it was us gays who first did doggie lol & then the straight world followed. Do you remember back when doggie style sex was just for gay guys? Girls are getting bent over just as much nowadays, if not even More!! My mum always goes on about it, she’s always like, ‘god they all wanna be gay now days, they all want it up the arse!’. It is true, I’ve had 2 girlfriends in the past who say their BFs plead for them to let them fuck them doggie style. It’s like they all want in on our once ‘taboo’ sex! Hahahahahaha. Straight guys already spend ages eating a chick’s pussy out, so why would they do it all over again on the other side?

Back to rimming…. I think it’s a lot like 69 {previous posts} for me, it’s something you’d only do with the right guy, and even then you wouldn’t really do it that much. I don’t even remember the last time I did it, and the last time I had it done to me was at least 3-4 months ago.

Like I said before, I don’t blame the people who are scared or put off from rimming. I’m sure just like math; there are a lot of people out there very bad at doing it, and preparing themselves for it. A lot of people probably go into a hook-up or just any sexual activity thinking, ‘ok I’m not sure if we will rim each other’, and so they don’t clean as thoroughly as they should. You should ALWAYS clean everything! Your Whole body, especially your Ass & Cock, not to mention your entire crotch region! Isn’t that like mandatory for every gay guy alive yet? Well it should be!! You need to be just as clean and you expect your partner to be; besides you don’t want to raise the chances of catching any STIs or any infections or illness for that matter. Use your brains studs!! Can you imagine rimming a dirty ass…. Oh lord I almost threw up.

It’s funny when you see rimming in porn. It must to so hard to film. Usually their face is so buried in their ass they can’t really show the audience much. Sometimes you see them force once butt check back while they lick out their hole and film side on…. That is a TOTAL off-put for me. It’s obvious they’re just doing it for the camera guy to get a good angle and it’s nothing to do with being passionate or just really good at it. I mean if your alone with a guy and you rim… ya think you’re going to lift one check up so others can see what you’re doing! LOL It usually only works well them the rimmer has a real big long tongue…. That usually works for me, not that I have or could ever actually jerk off watching it, it’s just not enough for me, and most the time their moans are fake.

I remember the first time I ever saw the act of rimming, was that iconic episode of Queer As Folk, where Brian meets Justin {is that the right name?} and takes him back to his place for the first time…. And does rimming, of course you don’t actually see it, {its TV!} but you clearly know what he is doing, as he ran his tongue along down his back to his virgin ass. Mmmm That scene has stuck with me for years.

rim this?

Well its quite late & I had some interesting stories to tell you bout rimming that I’ve heard but I honestly can’t for the life of me remember them! Lol.

Better jump into bed now. :D

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35 Responses to “Rimming”

  1. dj Says:

    Hey Davey!
    I’m in agreement with you about cleanliness :) but you know, there are ‘mos out there who LOVE a dirty cake-hole. Had a dude once (literally, ONCE) who asked me to “leave it be…” NEXT!! I have to say, though, I’m more turned-on rimming than getting rimmed.

    Thanks for the first pic. Pavel Novotny (aka Max Orloff) getting his chute swabbed is a lovely start to my Saturday – not to mention the picture of your cute bum!! :P


  2. Robbie Says:

    I don’t think straight people would do it, guys wouldn’t want it to be done to them cause straight guys generally don’t like anything involving their ass, and they wont want to do it to a girl cause it would be a “gay act” or seen as “gross”

  3. Davey Says:

    ha yea, theres a few guys out there into that sort of stuff. Think thats pretty rank personally, but each to his own ;)
    haha yea Pavel was gorgeous aye :P No worries, thanks :)

  4. Davey Says:

    well if you think so dude, I personally agree that not many straight couples would probably rim, but you know that the biggest fantasy for most straight men out there is having their ass played with, whether from a girl, guy or using a dildo or fingers or anything, most are dying to try it.
    There was a 20/20 doco ages back about a brothel and the reporter asked the woman who operates it, ‘what the most popular request you get from the men here’, and she said the same thing, they all secretly wanted the girls to play with their assholes.

  5. Frenchie40 Says:

    As for my part, I would jump into the bed…Attractive butts to rim…

  6. Jason G. Says:

    Hi Davey,

    Wow, thanks for doing this post . . . i had wondered what your opinions were on the subject. I would also much rather perform than give rimming, and watching or receiving from a muscular stud that’s passable as a straight guy is much better. Performing it on one is even more exciting for me. Yep . . . I’m an ass man, as I’ve said before . . . and the best way to go is hot muscular studs!

    take care, and good luck in school this term/semester . . forgot what you call it on the island ;-)

    Jason G.

  7. Tyler Says:

    hey davey…i luv the pic u posted of urself :)
    u should post more pics up here

  8. Davey Says:

    ~Jason G.
    My pleasure :P Haha yea something about those rugged dudes rimming is seriously hot aye ;) Thanks dude. Yea semester, term is more for High School. :)

  9. Davey Says:

    Thanks dude, haha well I got quite a few of myself on here man – scattered throughout the blogs ;)

  10. Gleidson Says:

    Hello Davey.
    I live in Brazil, and I found this very interesting post.
    Here in Brazil is the common practice of rimming during sex. The feeling is great, always like to make and receive rimming. But it’s like you said on the blog, hygiene spot is crucial to have sex a lot more pleasant.
    Sorry for mistakes in English, not the field very well.

  11. Davey Says:

    hey man, haha yea I’m sure its a pretty popular activity everywhere for guys, especially those hot brazilians :P mmmmmmmm. but yea gotta make sure your well prepared.
    Thanks for the comment man, your english was Great!! :)

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