June ’13

OK, so obviously 2013 is not the year for this blog!

As you can tell from the minimal activity on here, I don’t really have as much time for this blog anymore. I’m not saying I’ll never post again – of course I will!, but what I mean is (as per my explanation in the previous blog) I don’t get a hell of a lot of free time these days, and even when I do, this blog is not at the top of my list of things to get done – or even on the list at all.

My uni days are over, the days of sleeping in, staying up whenever, mucking round and not having a single care for how much free time I actually had & making good use of that time. Like the age old saying goes, you don’t know how good you have it, till it’s gone – or something along those lines.

Even though this blog is no longer a priority for me doesn’t mean I don’t care about it. I’m proud of all the postings I’ve put on here & sometimes even come here to reference to something I’ve written in a post but have forgotten about. It’s sort of like my own little catalogue! Sometimes I get guys talking to me about something I’ve talked about in a blog & I have to actually look up the blog to see what the hell they’re talking bout – remember I’ve had the blog for a few years now. It’s surprising how much I’ve talked about, especially from my uneventful life here on the North Island of NZ.

I know I’ll never be able to stop guys messaging me on my profiles/pages asking when a new post will be, but that’s ok – I’m learning to just look past it. I’m at a point now in my life where I’d rather go out to the mall or movies, or meet up with a mate or hottie for fun, or read my book, or just tend to the garden or my fish tank or even just get some long needed chores done round the house listening to music – rather than sit here like some sad computer loser writing all these blogs to guys I’ll never get to me. I do enjoy the blogs & always get a sense of pride after I’ve fully completed & posted one but there’s an actual world out there & I’d rather be out of the computer seat most days.

Well enough of that, sounded a bit depressing haha. Sorry.

So right now not a lot is really new with me. I’ve been working Mon-Fri every week all year & haven’t really had much time for much else. I had a week off (yep just a single week) in March & have taken about 4 or 5 Mondays/Fridays off since January to let myself have a 3 day weekend here & there, woohoo – plus all the regular National Holidays. But even with that time off I didn’t go on holiday, so nothing to report in that respect :(.

Not sure if I mentioned out shit as Summer last year in my old blogs, but let me just say this year our summer was INCREDIBLE. Infact it was a bit too good. It was so beautiful & hot & sunny that we didn’t get any rain for over a whole month! Which in turn, ended in many parts of the country being declared a drought zone. To be honest I’ve never seen a dryer summer. The ground was soo dry that insects & small animals were dropping dead all over the place. We had wild hedgehogs which would come every night to eat the leftover cat food, but midway through the summer they must’ve died due to all the lack of groundwater & I’ve only seen one since. Our cats caught twice as many birds as well, my mum said it was because they were all dehydrated & all the insects were dying – so not as much food for them. I also would have to race home from work & water all the plants before it got dark (which was a bitch, but had to be done otherwise they’d all have dyed).

So to summaries, it was a gorgeous long hot summer. But many animals/plants suffered – not to mention all the farmers which had to kill a lot of stock because they had no food for them. I also read in the paper that Wellingtons water supply was so low they only had less than a month’s supply left before they would run out. Luckily it rained before they completely ran dry. A lot of people living out in the country which ran on their own rain tank water had to buy water – including my dad who lives on a farm in South Auckland, he’s never had to do that before.

I’ve started reading a lot more this year. Not sure exactly what triggered it but now whenever I’m on the bus or at home on the couch I pull out a book & read a few chapters. I started with The Last Survivors series by Susan Beth Pfeffer. The first book is called Life As We Knew It & is actually semi famous. I know its fiction for young teens but fuck it, I really enjoyed the series. Plus the whole thing is about the end of the world, which as you may have noticed is right up my alley. I love anything disastrous. It’s basically about how an asteroid slams into the moon pushing it closer to the earth – which in turn, totally fucks with the earth’s climate & ocean tides – told through the eyes of a 16yo girl. There are 3 in the series, and she’s written a 4th book which is being published worldwide in September I think. Can’t wait.

It's actually the same book....

I also started on the Fairwick Chronicles by Carol Goodman. First book is called Incubus (although was republished as ‘The Demon Lover’ by Juliet Dark, only god knows why – I have the Incubus version) & it’s basically what you’d expect from a book with that title – a mix of gothic fantasy & eroticism. I really love it, in fact it could be one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had. Right now I’m in the middle of the 2nd book – The Water Witch. I love the characters & the setting plus I’ve always been a fan of fantasy creatures & witchcraft/paranormal stories. Plus with erotic sex thrown in, it’s pretty much perfect. I know a lot of gay guys get squeamish when it comes to the breeding activities of straight men & women, but not me. I kinda love it, it’s sort of refreshing, besides (like with any book) you always put yourself in the leading characters place so it turns out to be gay sex anyway hahahaha. Carol has also written a 3rd book called The Angel Stone which is being released in September. Can NOT wait!!

Also on my ‘to read’ list is Flood by Stephen Baxter, which also has a follow up book called Ark. And Bitten by Kelley Armstrong which is the first book in a huge series known as Women of the Otherworld which currently has 13 books in the series. No doubt she’ll write another. There are also a few other books/series I want to get my eyes into. But unlike watching a movie – books take much longer to devour. Plus there are some weeks where I’ll read ¼ of a book & others where I’ll only read a single chapter.

Speaking of watching…. I’ve done rather well since the demise of my fave show last year, Desperate Housewives which closed the doors on Wisteria Lane after 8 years. In fact maybe a bit too well, I’ve fallen in love with a bunch of new shows. It’s mostly thanks to my friend who had the accident.

See after his accident (which you’ll have to go back & read about in older blogs, cos I’m not re-explaining it) he was bed ridden for many weeks, followed by being stuck inside on the couch in front of the TV for many months following. Which basically led him to collecting/downloading a bunch of new TV shows & watching them. He’d always start a new show & tell me if it was shit or amazing & whether or not it was worth my time to get into it. So far he’s gotten me hooked on Game of Thrones & Breaking Bad. There’s also a few other shows like The Walking Dead, Girls he wants me to watch as well – but again with my busy controlled work routine I don’t have that much time to watch as much as he does.

I won’t talk about them much, cos you know I could sit here all night writing about a show I love, but they’re pretty awesome. Actually ground-breaking in some respects. Breaking Bad has cleaned out countless awards season after season for its incredible performances & clever writing. And Game of Thrones is pretty much a wet dream come true for all those Lord of the Rings/World of Warcraft fans out there. I’m crazy in love with Daenerys Targaryen a.k.a The Mother of Dragons. Her storyline is by far the best in my opinion. During the whole first 2 Seasons I was hooked to the TV screen & she’s even more amazing in Season 3. Thrones is filled with hot sex scenes & littered with sexy babes. I feel like such a straight geek watching it :P

Thrones has been renewed for a 4th Season but Breaking Bad has already announced that its current 5th Season will be its last. I’ve currently just finished the season finale of Season 5 of Breaking Bad and have just started on the first few episodes of Season 3 of Thrones. I usually watch an episode of something every night.

As I mentioned a while ago I’m still following the ever so dramatic Revenge & the sometimes totally confusing fairy tale world of Once Upon a Time. They’re both wrapped up their second seasons & have both been renewed for third Seasons. I still haven’t gotten around to watching the finale to OUAT, but the Revenge finale wasn’t half bad (nowhere near as amazing as Season 1 though).

Body of Proof has decided it doesn’t have enough viewers so the studios are cutting the third Season short & saying goodbye. I’m a little sad, but I won’t lie – this show isn’t incredible, just a cute little show that I enjoy watching from time to time. It’s had a good run, especially with the last half of Season 2, plus I’ve watched a few episodes of Season 3 & they’re pretty awesome. Season 3  is a big improvement from the last two, so am a little confused as to why everyone’s stopped watching it? Oh well, what’s done is done.

True Blood will be starting up in another week. Can’t say I’m that excited for it. The last season was a bit too ridiculous for me, & it went all religious which I can absolutely NOT STAND – yawn. So hopefully Season 6 will redeem itself to me, otherwise it’s lost a viewer.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned Lana Del Rey on this blog before, but I don’t really think I explained how much she’s had an impact on me. Well not so much impact but more created this weird inspirational obsession – is what I guess you could call it.

Ever since hearing her major hit Born to Die back in January 2012, I haven’t stopped listening to her. I bought her Born to Die album & the Paradise Edition album which had an additional 8 songs. I’ve also downloaded around 25 unreleased songs that were leaked on the internet (usually on YouTube). And have also got about 30 remixes that I acquired from the net. Looking at my Lana Del Rey play-list on iTunes I can tell you I have exactly 5.6 hours worth of her songs. These numbers are constantly growing as well. Yup I’m hooked.

Ever since Jan last year I honestly haven’t gone a single day without listening to at least one song. I guess there’s something in my brain that loves the way she sounds & the lyrics she writes. Her music is haunting & emotional. And I feel as if I can connect myself with many of her songs – as strange as that might sound.

She sings about all the usual heart strung pop themes like love, bfs, beauty, relationships, feelings, breakups, money etc etc but also adds dark undertones of death, suicide, drugs, religion, longing desires & passions about love, men & life in general. And if you’ve ever heard her sing – her voice isn’t what you’d expect from someone as gorgeous & petite as Lana is. It’s this beautiful husky sound that is as soothing as it is depressing. I’m addicted to it & as I already mentioned, it fits me perfectly. It’s as if I’ve been waiting for an artist like this to come along my whole life & now I’ve found it I have music that I can honestly listen to over & over & not get sick of.

Many of her songs seem to have this oddly beautiful ominous earthy tone which lingers with you…. I find it intoxicating! I won’t lie, many of her songs have brought tears to my eyes. It also doesn’t hurt that shes a fucken knockout! If I were a women, she’s EXACTLY what I’d wanna look like.

I could seriously sit here rambling on writing paragraph after paragraph about her and all her songs all night but I just wanted to let anyone who is reading this blog know, Daveyboy is a HUGE Lana Del Rey fan. Plus it feels good to get this out of my system as I type this. No one else I know really likes her as much as I do, they all say her songs are too boring & sad. So I don’t really have anyone to talk to when it comes to Lana. It’s like this hidden gem that only I can see. But honestly I don’t care, I look at Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney, Miley, Christina…. and all the countless other mainstream divas out there with their millions of fans & cringe. Most of those fake bitches don’t even write their own lyrics. And these days it’s all a competition about who has the most crazy music video & who can wear the most ridiculous fucked up clothes – no wait they’re more like costumes, not clothes.

I’m not saying I don’t enjoy their music, but it’s more of a ‘who can put on a better show’ rather than who can produce beautiful soulful music that has depth & meaning these days. Don’t you agree?

For example I see Lady Gaga as a born entertainer. But someone like Lana Del Rey is a born artist. There’s actually a difference.

Well that’s enough ramblings from me. Sorry for the long delay but well… ya know. I’m thinking bout getting a tattoo as well, but will talk bout that more later. ;)

I will write again, but when, well I just don’t know…. but please don’t hate me :)

Till next time guys, with love, D.

I’m back!

I’m not dead.

OK, so it’s been months since my last post – literally. I know I know, what the fuck have I been up to? Was I in an accident or did I just somehow forget this blog existed?  Neither.

To be honest I can’t even be bothered trying to explain it but I’ve had so many dudes ask over the last month or so, so I guess I owe it to them & anyone else who comes to check this blog out. Plus it has been in the back of my mind, because I do & always will enjoy posting blogs. They just require time.

I can’t help but laugh, my last blog was dated 31st of October last year & titled ‘A Stalker?’ – hahaha fuck me it’s no wonder some people have been asking me if I’m alright & alive. Bit of an odd blog to just drop things & leave, but like I said I’m fine.

If anyone has followed the blog, you’ll know I now have a fulltime job, working 9-6 most weeks & 10-7 some other weeks. Feb 15th marks my 1.5 years working there actually. And I guess that 1 ½ years has finally caught up with me & has started to alter my life style. As you can tell when this blog first started – I had nothing but university to worry about & was a pretty free guy – which is why I was pumping out 3 sometimes 4 blogs a month. Of course I did have my waitering job on the weekends but it still didn’t seem to have as much affect as this job is now.

These days, Mon-Fri every week I get up early, go off to work & don’t walk in the door till 7pm – and on the weeks I do 10-7, I get home at 8pm – so it’s even worse. I get in the house put my bag on the chair & go up to my room & undress outta my work clothes & get into my normal clothes, then begin doing all the chores/house work that needs to be done. Feed the cats, check on & feed the fish, check on & water plants {its summer here so everything is dying out like crazy}, clean up, do dishes, put washing away etc etc etc. And by the time that’s done I usually collapse on my bed & have a nap for about 1-2 hours depending on how drained I feel. Then I wake up at about 10 or 11 & have something to eat & try to enjoy the rest of my free time.

Now it’s this free time that I would normally spend just cruising online, checking emails, facebook, blogs I follow, movie news,  xtube, this blog and all the rest of it. But there’s all this other stuff I wanna do as well – work out, watch TV, read my book, play with the cats, talk to my sis or mate or anything else that comes up. Its kinda hard to divide all the time I have up. And by the time the weekend rolls around I’m so fucken drained from work I just wanna spend most of it in bed, it’s hard enough trying to get up to go to the gym, or go out shopping somewhere.

I mean I know most of everyone in the working world works 9-5 with only the weekend free, but I have no fucking clue how they manage. I mean all week we have to be at work, and we only get 2 days free to do all the things we need for that week, just TWO days. For both things we WANT to do, but also to get things we NEED to do as well.

To cut it short & save all the explaining bullshit – I just don’t have as much time for the internet as I use to.

Of course I do log on everyday – although there might be an odd day a week I don’t get a chance to do even that – but I usually just quickly skim through my emails or just fuck round on facebook & check out some movie related webpages or a few other random things.

I remember the days when I’d spend hours upon hours online, watching random shit on YouTube, reading interesting blogs, talking to hot hunks on msn from all over the globe, even doing the odd cam show here & there {yes its true once upon a time I did use to love camming}, planning the next blog, or crossing between watching porn & replying to messages on xtube & other such sites such as manhunt/gaydar/gayromeo etc etc. Just to give you an idea of what’s its like nowadays – I don’t even have enough time to check all the websites I have profiles on, & some sites like gayromeo keep sending me emails saying I have messages in my inbox which are older than 2 weeks old & will be deleted. That’s fucked up.

And scariest of all, no lie, I have exactly 230 emails in my Xtube inbox which I still have not replied to.

I hate it, I honestly do. I love being online, replying to people who took the time to message me & saying something nice or commendable, which is why I have so many to reply to, I try my best to not be the ‘cheers, thanks’ type of guy. I like to be more personal & have depth which is hard when you have over 200 messages waiting & only a few hours each day of spare time with a million other more important things to do.

But I do love my job. I’m grateful to have it & I enjoy it. I just wish the days where longer & we got more time off, but then again doesn’t everybody? It’s so hard to fit in all the things I want to get done in a single night after work. Especially when I get off a crowded bus & want nothing more than to snuggle up in bed & rest my weary eyes when I walk in the door.

And the most frustrating thing of all is, when I do get time off, or there’s a holiday & I do actually have more free time – all I want to do is do things I wouldn’t normally be able to do because of work, so find myself laying out in the sun or pottering out in the garden or mucking round with my fish tanks or going out to the mall or going to see another movie etc. Just like yesterday in fact – it was a public holiday for Auckland. So I took advantage of sleeping in till bout 11:30 then spent the rest of the day out in the garden re-potting plants & doing weeding while listening to tunes on my iPod– I even swept the deck out & made everything nice & tidy. I just can’t win.

Most weeks I still manage to check most my pages/profiles but there are some weeks where I don’t even log on once, just depends on the week.

Well that was my little explanation if you will hahaha. I don’t even know if anyone will still continue to check this blog now it’s been abandoned since the end of last October, but ah well I’m not going to lose any sleep over it – I can’t afford to either haha, these days I need every minute of sleep I can get!

It’s good to be back here, and sorry if you’ve left a comment on one of these blogs but it still hasn’t been approved or replied too yet… I get about 500-600 spam comments on all my blogs in total on a daily basis. Right now I have 48,900 to sort through – which is never going to happen. So I really apologise about that, although it’s not my fault all these spammers are attacking my little blog – it doesn’t get that much fucking traffic either so not sure why they post here?!! Remember there are many other places to contact me….

So I guess I’ll leave it at that right now. Not sure if anyone even noticed but never did my annual movie award blog that I’ve done twice so far in this blogs existence. I’d really like to do one for 2012, so maybe will work on that next. But even if I don’t, I’ll try get a new blog up before 3 months is up hahahaha, shit still can’t believe it’s taken me that long to post again.

Maybe I might have to start making my blogs half as long as usual & maybe only use a few pics, because that would all help in speeding up the process of getting more blogs up. but I do like they way I’ve kept them over the years. I enjoy these blogs, I just wish, oh how I wish, I had more free time…..

Till next time guys ;)

oh & by the way, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Because I completely missed them. Hope 2013 is a good year for you all.

A stalker?

Ok so this is just another random regular post, but then again aren’t they all? haha

Made my first aussieBum purchase this year! Well no that’s not entirely true, as you know I wrote about how I purchased some swimwear for my trip to Fiji, but in terms of underwear, this is my first one this whole year.

I know, I have enough & don’t need any more – in fact my underwear drawer is starting to get hard to slide shut properly :P. You might think I own practically every underwear design they offer but that’s where your wrong ;).

As an aussieBum fan, I can tell you that things have been seriously quiet in terms of new products and specials etc etc.  They haven’t really bought out much of anything new this whole year & their website really hasn’t had a lot of activity in terms of deals or specials – it’s almost as if aussieBum has gone as far as they can & are starting to wrap things up.

Their newest additions have come in the form of this weird mix of a wrestle singlet & swim shorts – they call it ‘Wrestle Swimwear’…. interesting. I don’t really grasp the whole concept. What 20/30 something year old stud is gonna think, oh yea screw my board shorts, where’s my wrestle swimwear! and run off to the beach with his mates? hahaha It’s like a full one piece body suit. The funniest thing is, in almost every single promotional picture for this new product, the models have taken down the singlet off their shoulders & are just wearing them like shorts – as if they’re selling swim shorts – not a one piece wrestle singlet. I do realise the whole point is to wear these at the beach, but they look just like board shorts & surely you’d get changed before you went to the beach after you were wrestling?

Ah, maybe I’m just being too critical – well actually it’s probably the fact I’m pissed they bought this weird product out when I’m dying to see some hot new undies! And can I just say, who the fuck is gonna buy this ‘wrestle swimwear’ at over NZD$100 when they have regular bordies/speedos at much cheaper prices…. and even the ‘wrestle market’ they’re trying to tap into must be tiny & not worth the effort. Oh well :(. Let’s hope these aussie jocks get their shit together & pump out some new underwear before Christmas!

Enough bitchin’ :P. So first pair I got were the Journey Hip Blue. These are exactly the same as the last Journey pair I got, except they’re a different colour.  So yea, the colour is the only difference. Very straight forward. These ones feel great & don’t bunch up which is nice. :)

The second pair I brought are the Man Hipster Navy. I actually wore these yesterday for the first time & loved them. These ones are a new design from ausseiBum I haven’t tried before & I’d definitely get them in another colour. They look sexy as hell. Fit very snug too. The only down side bout these would have to be the waistband. Right now it’s perfect, but I can feel there is some kind of special elastic or rubber banding which I think could {after many washes & tumble dries} get damaged and either shrink or bunch up in the material. I know you’re not suppose to tumble dry these – in fact ALL my aussieBums say that on the tag, but I’ve always tumble dried them every since day one. I aint stopping now, especially with my busy little life.

The other 2 pairs I got aren’t really underwear, well technically they are…. they’re jock-straps :P. Now I’m not the type to wear these on a daily basis – just for a hook-up usually – but you never know when you’ll need one :P. Plus they’re sexy to have just in case & I think all gay men should own some ;). I already have a few myself. But like most guys’ out there I’m sure they spend more time in your drawer then getting worn.  They make me feel so horny & sexy if that makes any sense :P.

I got the Lockerboy Jock Ice jocks. They’re a lot like a pair I already have {Hunk Jock Blue}, but they’re not as tight fitting. These are still pretty good though, but nothing that grand to be honest. Glad I have them :)

The other jocks I got were the Catch Jock Marlin from that revealing ‘Catch Of the Day’ range they released a few years back. Basically they’re an underwear range made out of a special netting – kinda like a fish net, hence the name. So its kinda like wearing see through underwear, doesn’t leave much to the imagination when you’ve got them on, but I guess the whole concept of still wearing something is kinda sexy…. to some people. I never actually managed to get a pair of their hipsters – mainly because I couldn’t really see myself wearing them ever, plus would be a little weird putting them through the wash. My mum is pretty cool but would deff wonder why my underwear was covered in holes hahaha. I showed her my new jocks & she couldn’t help but laugh. She kept asking, why would someone wear something like that. Oh my dear sweet innocent mum. haha who am I kidding, she use to flat with gays when she was young, she knows how we roll ;).

Changing topic completely, thought I’d share some random event that happen to me the other night. Ok so it’s 3 in the morning, I’m the only one up – as usual – and I’d just finished watching revenge & was laying on the floor in my pad downstairs doing leg raisers. I’m facing the ranchslider which has the curtain drawn across when I saw one end move.

The ranchslider door was slightly open (like we always have it mainly for the cats) and it was windy outside but it looked strange, so immediately I stood up then slowly walked over to the curtain & pulled it back. I just about pissed myself because a man was standing there, just outside the ranchslider door. In the same instant, I dropped the curtain and he jumped to the side and then boosted down the drive and across the street. I quickly opened the curtain again and stuck my head out the door just in time to see him running as fast as he could up the street the round the corner.

Once he was gone I just stood there. My legs felt so weak & I held myself  in confusion for a bit trying to piece together what exactly had just happened. Once my brain had finally calmed down and I came to the realisation that some stranger had just been standing at the door and tried to pull the curtain back to look in, I sped upstairs to my sis’s room. I jumped on her bed and told her someone just tried to get in the house. Being the butch MMA fighter she is, she grabbed her bat and headed downstairs.

She was in nothing but her pyjamas which barely covered anything and marched out on the street & followed in the direction that I had told her he’d run – she’s so brave hahaha. We both ran up to the last point I had seen him run but there was no sign of him anywhere. I mean he could have continued running… or hid behind a car on the street, or hid in someone’s front lawn, or gone down someone’s driveway, or hell even back to their house – we couldn’t be fucked looking.

But as we walked back to our house we noticed a black opened bag which was sitting on our front lawn, as if it had been dumped. Looked as if the guy had dumped it in order to run away faster. So we bring the bag in and go through it – it was fucken heavy. Inside it had a car jack, tyre iron thingy, and all these bank & insurance statements… some even with an address on them. The address was the house right beside ours.

We were so confused. The neighbours were all home and all asleep. My sister said maybe it was just a friend who was returning the bag but got the wrong house? I said, ‘oh really? at 3 fucken o’clock in the morning?” Why didn’t they knock on the front door or leave a note? Instead of sneakily try to pull the curtain open. Plus we weren’t even sure this bag had anything to do with the guy that sped off…

And that’s the other thing, I had the lights going, TV going & even some music playing on the computer. Not loudly, but enough for someone to hear that’s walking up the driveway…. so whoever it was knew someone was home and AWAKE!. I even got my sister to walk up the driveway to see if she could hear the music playing… and she could.

We ended up just locking up and going to bed. We just couldn’t figure out who or why that person had been snooping around. I didn’t see his face because as soon as I pulled the curtain back he jumped back out of the light and then raced off like there was no tomorrow. All I can describe about him is that he was tall, and wearing chunky boots or sneakers and I wanna say bagging pants? Was hard to tell anything as I watched his figure disappear off in the distance. It all happened in a flash & as the days go on I’m kinda remembering less & less. It’s fucken annoying.

So anyway, we kept the bag for a few days until my brother went over to the neighbours and returned the bag. I was a little pissed about that, because my brother didn’t know the full story so pretty much just asked the dude if the bag was his. The neighbour was an Asian guy, pretty young, living with his parents who don’t speak English, and told my brother he’d been wondering where his bag had been, he usually keeps it in his car which is parked out on the street, and sometimes even forgets to lock his car (my brother said he seemed like a total dumb arse) – said he’d only noticed it was missed for a day, even though we’d had it at our place for many days…. so pretty much no help.

So, the only conclusion I can really come to is that maybe the stranger stole the bag from the car & noticed that our ranchslider was open and thought maybe he could quickly steal something else while no one was around. But that doesn’t really fit because it was pretty obvious someone was home… so either he wasn’t scared of breaking in while people were up & awake or he was just being a total fucken perve. I also didn’t hear any car doors opening so he can’t have taken anything from the car, I’m pretty observant of noises from the street when its late at night. Which also makes me think he crept up our driveway very quietly, because I can always hear when someone is coming up – which hints he really wasn’t up to any good.

It’s so weird, I keep thinking about it & the moment I pulled the curtain back keeps going over & over in my head. Why the fuck was he there? Didn’t he seem my shadow in the curtain as I walked to the door? Why didn’t that scare him away first? What did he expect would happen if I hadn’t pulled the curtain back & let him open the curtain as he looked in?, me to offer him a cup of tea?. I mean what would have happened if I hadn’t have been awake, and downstairs had been all closed & locked up?

How many times to do hear/read about people getting burgled late at night while they are still at home? I thought it only happened during the day when you’re out at work? Many years ago, when I was living in south Auckland our house got broken into 3 times. All 3 times was during the day while everyone was out. Are the new age robbers different? Was this guy even looking to steal anything?

There’s no point going on I guess. I’ll never know the full story. All the girls at work are so shocked I didn’t call the police. haha I guess it never occurred to me at the time. It just happened so fast. Well anyway that’s my little random story. I just thank god he didn’t have gun or knife & tried to attack me. I keep the bat right by the computer now ;)

Well moving on… all of last year’s shows are finally being released here in NZ on DVD so went and bought Season 8 of DH & Season 1 of Revenge. Was the last time I’ll ever grab DH off the shelf {until the bluray box set comes out :P}. So now I finally have the entire series on DVD. Guess it’s time to start that marathon I always planned on…. but I’d rather wait till my mate has fully recovered. And he already told me that he’s keen as to watch Revenge from the start together, cos we kinda never followed it together, just use to watch it and then text each other about it afterwards.

Speaking of my mate, he’s healing real well. Finally got his metal head bars off last week, now just has to wear a neck brace for the next 3 months, then I guess just muscle physio for his neck. He got a new phone, and not just any new phone – this top of the line touch screen one {lucky bastard} so that’s kept him happy, plus we can actually keep talking to each other. I haven’t seen him since the accident! I sent him down a little parcel with food, cards, a bunch of random crap & some pen drives filled with all the new episodes from revenge etc. He was super excited when he opened it. Planning to send him another one this week :P

Anyway gonna warp this up now, had some other points but I figure I’ve left this blog long enough & have enough words so that’s that. Oh & by the way, aussieBum have JUST released a new design of underwear – no more than a week ago {after I’d written the part above about aB not having anything new in ages}.

It’s so funny, they must have sensed I was writing that & thought, shit we better get a new range up before he posts the blog. So just for the record, when I said ” They haven’t really bought out much of anything new this whole year” that was BEFORE the new editions – which I must say look pretty awesome. Bright fun colours & stripes. I think they’re called ‘Bar Up’ or something? I can’t confirm that as my internet just died on me… But I am definitely getting me some of these beauties. Next week maybe even :P

That’s another thing. We went about 1 & ½ weeks without internet. Honestly you don’t know how precious that network is until you have no access to it, there soo much stuff you can’t do/find/check/buy/update/get up to date with – that we all take for granted. Even little things like checking movies times or how full the cinema is… me & my sis just turned up to the movie cinema & checked the screen times – something we haven’t done since we were little. Our network provider made up some bullshit excuse like they were upgrading our fibre optic cables? Is that what they are? Anyway it took a whole week, then the following week we still didn’t have any connection till Wed. IT FUCKEN SUCKED!!!!!!!!

I pretty much just sat on the couch every night just watching TV, or when TV got completely shit put on AbFab or GGG to lighten my mood :)

That’s a wrap.

Life Continues

Turns out there actually is life after Desperate Housewives. haha :P

Makes me chuckle a little whenever I get a message online from someone asking how much I miss Desperate Housewives or if I’ve found anything else to watch on TV to fill the Wisteria Lane void. Gosh, I wasn’t THAT obsessed. Who am I kidding hahaha ;).

Turns out I have. :) In fact there’s actually a tonne of stuff out there worth watching. Well not a tonne, but a few new shows out there which have turned out to be pretty awesome! :). Thought I’d mention them on here…. I mean my life is so boring right now I honestly don’t have anything to share. But before I get started….

To anyone who has followed the blog or even just read random blogs where I’ve mentioned my best gay mate… well he was in a pretty serious car accident the other week. So have pretty much just been working & doing not much else. Sucks I have no one to hang with on the weekends or over on the odd random week night, but I’m just glad he’s still alive so I’m trying to not dwell too much on the loneliness.

It’s not really my place to sit here & blabber on for the world to read about him or his accident. But I will just tell you guys that on a Friday night he was driving out in the country. It’s not mountainous as such but where he was had some pretty big slopes & small valleys if you could imagine. So basically he went off the road & crashed 10 or 12 metres down into a gully/valley thing & the car landed over top a small creek next to a waterfall.

It happened late at night & he was basically trapped there all night till someone discovered him the next morning at bout 8:30. I only got to visit him once since the crash – & never even found out till the following Tuesday when his boyfriend finally notified me on facebook. Pretty much the last to find out.

He apparently broke his neck, or snapped something inside of it on impact and was in & out of consciousness during the night. The windows were smashed so the car retained no heat as the temperature dropped outside (remember its winter here in AKL) & he told me he had trouble getting to sleep because the waterfall next to the car was so loud – he laughed when he said that, so did I :P. He had to be cut out of the car & taken by helicopter to the hospital.

He now wears a big metal head brace thing with screws against his skull & is now recovering down in Hamilton {a long way from me} with his mum. He’s got no cell phone & doesn’t seem to be checking messages online so yea…. he has to wear the brace for at least 3 months but could be more.

So when I said goodbye to him at his bed in the hospital we pretty much realised we might not see each other till Christmas time… had a little cry after, but like I said am lucky he was found & is still alive. So that’s worth waiting a few months. Was even written in the paper: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10822875

But yea, probably said more than I should have. I’m sure he’s healing fine :). Now on to more positive topics :D

As Desperate Housewives is now nothing more than a memory… I’ve had to go in search of other TV show sedatives. I’ve even had a few guys ask what I’ve been watching now…..

Ok the first new show I discovered I love is GCB – stands for Good Christian Bitches. Well I should say loved, because its already been cancelled – before it could even finish a full season {like so many new shows these days}.

I know what you’re thinking ‘Are you fucking kidding me!!!!?’. Because after I watched the premiere trailer for it ages back I thought the same thing, looked cheesy & fake & the comedy seemed so forced. Also, the fact the studio & many others claimed it would be Desperate Housewives’ replacement – pretty much made me resent it. They even showed it a few episodes before Desperate Housewives ended so the viewers would somehow move from DH to GCB, but boy were they fucken wrong. The critics bashed the shit out of it, {of course because it makes fun of religion & all the bible bashing losers in America} one claimed it was “blasphemy at its worst!” while another said “yet another outrageous attack on the Christian faith.” and the viewers couldn’t really see where or what direction the show was going. Some organisations out there even tried to get it completely cancelled before it aired. Those mother fuckers need to pull their heads out of their assholes. It’s just a TV show! And a comedy at that.

I have my best mate {who just had the accident} to thank for falling in love with it. I won’t lie, he practically forced me to watch it. I knew about it months before he discovered it & I didn’t even mention it to him because I thought it would just be a waste of breath. Then I get a text from him a while back asking me if I’d just watched the pilot episode on TV & I tell him ‘no, it looks shit’.

Then the next time we hang out, he’s downloaded all the episodes, bought them over on his portable hard drive & plays it on the TV. I really had no choice but to sit there & watch it with him. And before the pilot episode was over I had almost blown a vessel by laughing so much. I was a fan from then on.

To sum it up, the show follows Amanda Vaughn – who is a recently widowed mother of two – who, to get a fresh start, moves back to the affluent Dallas neighbourhood where she grew up to find herself in the whirling midst of salacious gossip, Botox, and fraud. Thanks IMBd :D

Amanda use to be the ‘hot queen bitch’ back in her high school days & of course treated everyone else like dirt. But the shock horror twist is, she’s actually a pretty decent person now but those 4 other girls she picked on the most won’t let her forget it & try to rub it in her face & get their own.


The show is pretty funny. But seems not for everyone. I guess maybe I’ve just been accustomed to all that ‘women in their 40’s’ type of humour due to 8 years of watching Desperate Housewives. But I think it’s more the fact I’m a homo ;). Even so, it really has its moments – every show does.

Both me & my mate think the character ‘Cricket Caruth-Reilly’ is the best. She has one of those attitudes that I admire & her lines & the way she says them always make me smile & laugh. Her & Carlene {the new ‘queen’ bitch} have this relationship that me & him relate to. They’re best mates but are always bitching & play fighting with each other. We always try to be better than the other, and just like Carlene I am tiny & he’s taller like Cricket. I’ve even listed him in my contacts now as Cricket. And Carlene is married to this big hunky buff stud {just what I’m into} & is constantly horny {just like me}. I could go on…. :P. Basically it’s like seeing me & him if we were in our 40s & women! :P

Tyler Moore

There’s loads of other characters that rock. Like Amanda’s mother Gigi played by Annie Potts. She’s a mum we all secretly wish we had. Show also has a few hotties including Cricket’s husband who is actually gay & plays round with gorgeous ranch studs. Turns out Cricket is the only one who knows – pretty weirdrelationship. But they’re great together :).

It sucks it only lasted 10 episodes but it also kinda makes it that much more special. Plus if you add up all the minutes some other shows lasted – for example my BBC fave Gimme Gimme Gimme – those ten 43min episodes work out to be almost more than 3 whole seasons of GGG :P.

Can I also say that the Pastor is played by Tyler Jacob Moore who is fucking gorgeous. I dont know if it’s because hes a tall blonde handsome athletic stud but… no yea that’s definitely it. He makes me moan with every scene he’s in. Deff worth checking him out. He’s the perfect amount of cute/hunk all in one.

Trailers: http://youtu.be/oKQc4fcIqGs http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151098989180103

OK, next up is one that is actually loved by many people as it finished a full 22 episode Season 1 & has already been renewed for a 2nd Season which is coming out in less than a month. Revenge.

Now I must be careful with this one, could be sat here talking all night about it hahaha. I love this one too. GCB is more of a comedy show, but Revenge is over-the-top soap drama at its BEST!

Just like with GCB, I saw the trailer for Revenge ages ago. It was a lame as trailer – especially for the show it has now become. It didn’t create any ‘sparks’ for me & to be honest I thought it kinda gave off this weak overdone tone. Plus it had the hot blonde, Emily VanCamp, from recently finished ‘Brothers & Sisters’ as the lead & kinda seemed like they only used her because her last show was over & she’s young…. {everyone in Hollywood is getting old}.

I even watched the very first episode when it aired on TV here in NZ, but it didn’t seem that great. I got my sis to watch it with me & she agreed it seemed to be nothing great. She said the show was based on an idea that would make for a great movie, but couldn’t possibly be stretched out for a TV series. So that was that. I think it was about 2 weeks later, after the 3rd episode had aired on TV, that I got a text from my mate saying he’d been downloading it as it was being released in the US & he was addicted.

I figured – he’d already introduced me to so many things that I ended up adoring, so might as well dive back in. So I went online & watched the episodes I’d missed & begun rewatching it on TV & sure enough, I caught the Revenge bug.

I wasn’t the only one. The show has had COUNTLESS rave reviews, many saying it’s the best new series on TV in years. Even being nominated for countless awards, including Best New drama at the ‘People’s Choice Awards’ & ‘Teen Choice Awards’. And leading actress Madeleine Stowe was nominated ‘Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series’ at the Golden Globes!

She plays the ‘queen’ of the Hamptons – Victoria Grayson. Or as most people call her ‘Queen Victoria’ or just ‘Queen V’. She is without doubt my highlight of the show. Such wicked style with looks that can pierce like knives, she really is a hot evil bitch at its best. She almost reminds me of Ravenna from Snow White! hahaha. So much of her dialogue is just awesome. Such evil heartless comments but with such grace & beauty. She also has a soft vulnerable side & as it turns out wasn’t always such a power glam bitch. It’s hard to believe that she is 54!!! My god, I hope when I’m in my 50s I’ll be as amazing as her! LOL :P

The show is pretty simple to sum up. Basically Amanda Clarke has returned to the Hamptons to get revenge for the betrayal/false convictions/death of her father many years ago. She’s been planning it for a while and has returned as Emily Thorne & befriends the people she needs to slowly eradicate the people who are responsible for the downfall of her father. Of course there are a few hiccups along the way – remember they had to stretch it out for 22 episodes! lol, but you never get bored. I think it just took a while to property get its roots in the ground. But now its growing like crazy!

The finale of the show was pretty amazing – especially the last 5 minutes. Had everyone at work talking about it the next day. It was done so brilliantly, the music, the slow motion plus the whole cliff hanger over the death of Queen V & overdose of her daughter & the realisation of Amanda Clarke’s mother being alive which she had no idea…. not to mention that the Grayson’s were not solely responsible for the death of her father – it goes so much, much higher…. dun dunn dunnn! ;). I was literally on my feet screaming at the TV – to Victoria not to get on the plane!

I guess this is probably the closest to DH I’ll get, am almost excited for Season 2! And as DH no longer airs on Sunday nights – its primetime spot for 8 years – guess who was lucky/worthy enough to have it…. Revenge!!! Yep, so you could say in a way that Revenge has replace the drama on Wisteria Lane. I’m glad! I wouldn’t want it to be any other show haha ;)

Trailers: http://youtu.be/XY8kcxW8AMU http://youtu.be/-f733Q4UT48 http://youtu.be/0PEfBxHOZec

The Finale: http://youtu.be/bSihRcyZOcY

My other TV addiction has come in the form of Once Upon a Time. Unlike the others, I didn’t really hear about this coming out in the states – well I mean I did but didn’t take much notice – but when I saw the promos play here on TV I was pretty intrigued.

Unlike Revenge, Once Upon a Time had an amazing pilot episode – which is actually one of the strongest of the whole season – so I immediately fell in love.

It’s even more easier to sum up. It follows an enchanted realm where all the fairytale characters we know live, until The Evil Queen places a curse on the land which sends everyone to the real world {our world} to a town called Storybrooke {ok stop laughing!:P} where there is no magic & they now live their lives as normal people without any memory of what had happened or their pasts.

I think it’s just the mix of Disney  {but keep it quiet lol :P} fairytale characters in the show that I’ve grown up watching in movies ever since I can remember. Plus they are age old characters that people of all walks of life know of, even if their stories differ. The thing I love about this show is that the ‘Disney’ lovable characters we all think we know are not what they seem. This show has almost completely rewritten the origins & storylines of these characters. For example red riding hood is the one who turns into the wolf – & her granny is not the soft helpless woman we all thought. And that’s just the start….

But it also is the shows downfall I think. I mean there are so many characters and storylines going on & intertwining that many times you just forget what’s happening. Some storylines are stronger than others, some last multiple episodes while others are just one episode wonders, while some storylines seem neglected & seemed rushed or not thought-out. I’ve had to ask my sister {who, as well as my mum, LOVES this show} to remind me what’s going on or why this character did that or said that etc. I’ll admit, a few episodes in the middle – I did zone out a bit, but the show definitely picks up towards the end! :)

Also, the show tries to stay as ‘G’ rated as possible which is totally understandable {trying to score as many viewers as possible} and I’ve found some episodes, especially some scenes are just so clichéd and ‘camp’ {ya know flamboyant}. The best episodes I’ve found are the darker ones, more serious ones. But even as I say that I still enjoyed them.

But even as I say those bad things, I do love the show & really enjoyed tuning in each week to catch up on the fairytale drama. It was nominated for ‘Favourite New TV Drama’ at the People’s Choice Awards and 3 Emmy Awards –mostly for graphics & costumes as they’re pretty good ;). And the Evil Queen WON ‘Favourite Villain’ at the TV Guide Awards. She fucken rocks.

Yes it seems that 2012 is the year of the hot evil bitches because ‘The Evil Queen’ played by Lana Parrilla is right up there with Queen Victoria and Queen Ravenna. I love Queen Regina. Just so much about her that makes me adore her – costumes, lines, beauty. Plus like they always do, she has a soft side that breaks through {quite a lot actually…} & has a past which shows she wasn’t always such a bitch. She has a great look and is pretty stunning! Have been on her side the entire season.

I also need to mention that Prince Charming – played by Josh Dallas is a fucken stud. He’s hunky & blonde/reddish and is the perfect fit for prince charming. mmmmmm he gets me wet. Wish I had a prince like him to myself.

Trailers: http://youtu.be/ba2zxDi9cdw http://youtu.be/Rga4rp4j5TY

It’s funny I’ve finally decided to write about these shows in my blog, as they all finished months ago & in fact are beginning new seasons in just a few weeks from now {well except GCB :(}.

As usual True Blood came & went in its 5th Season – only has 12 episodes a Season so really flies by. The last 2 Seasons I’ve done entire blogs talking about the show & it’s almost pornographic content, but figured there was no point this year. Besides the only gorgeous babe the show really has left is Joe Manganiello – as the rugged werewolf. Sure Ryan Kwanten is still sexy as hell, but he’s got NOTHING on Joe. YUUMMM. The show never disappoints. However I didn’t enjoy this year’s whole religious theme – pretty lame. Hopefully Season 6 will get better :D.

I’ve also been following Body of Proof with ex Desperate Housewives star Dana Delany. Yes Dana as Katherine Mayfield is the only reason I gave this show a go… and I don’t regret it. It’s a nice little show. Doesn’t try too hard or try to get out of hand, has a very comfortable feel to it – if that makes any sense. I know I’ve said I don’t follow any of those millions of CSI/detective/cop shows out there & have even trash talked them countless times, but yes ok I guess I made an exception for this one. Because although this is a drama with a female lead, at heart it is another one of those crime scene detective genre types. Then again, this show is more about HOW they died, not WHO killed them which sets it apart – and also every single victim is dead hahaha. Been following it since day one & really enjoy it. Also just read that it’s been renewed for a 3rd Season – so I can’t be the only one who thinks so ;).

Is it just me? or are 90% of the shows I follow from ABC Studios? haha strange….. :)

Well I think I’ve talked enough TV bullshit to make you all fall asleep lol. Trying to plan another one of my sexy themed blogs which keep many readers happy lol. Again sorry for the delay, but seems like a common thing with this blog nowadays isn’t it. :( I’ll try change my ways!

Thanks for reading, or just perving haha :P


online dating/cruising for gays {part 3}

Part 3, ha I know right, your thinking ‘fuck, when will it end!!?. Well it won’t so just fuck up :P

So have already done 2 entire blogs on this topic but after scribbling down ideas/experiences over the last few weeks, it seems there are endless discussions that can be made on this revolution of online dating/cruising that is taking over the gay world.

Hopefully, like any good trilogy, this one will finish it all up perfectly. But I could be like one of those studios that drags out one more just cos I wanna ;). I’ll do my best to cover all my points – can barely read them by the way.

Ok diving in, guys that insist you be REAL discrete cos they’re on the ‘down-low’. Now I’m not sure how common this is around the world, but here in NZ it seems to be an epidemic. So many dudes practically begging you to keep everything ‘hush hush’ either because they are not out to anyone, or already have a boyfriend or have a girlfriend/wife & are still denying the whole ‘I enjoy sucking cock’ bullshit. Yes we’ve all heard it before.

It really annoys me, I mean I understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds & not everyone has had the best chances to come out or even had the ability to embrace who they really are – I totally get it. But c’mon, there’s no need to be so critical about telling the other person not to tell anyone or ‘spread the word’ – if that’s even possible. It goes without saying really.

I mean do they really think that right after we’ve hooked up, that the other person is going to log on facebook or twitter & post to the world that ‘I just fucked so & so from such & such website’. Makes me laugh. They act as if you know their friends/family & would immediately tell them. As if….

Honestly, when men message me saying, ‘oh dude we gotta be real discrete’ or ‘I’m only into discrete guys’ I feel like telling them, ok I won’t bring my friends along with me then or ok I won’t stalk out your family & contact them to let them know we hooked up from a cruise website. :P

I like to think that generally most guys out there are like myself & have zero interest in telling people who I’ve slept with. I mean can you imagine, if instead of the weather & current events, people were discussing who they fucked over the weekend on their breaks at lunch? haha would be strange. Then again depends on your work environment.

But then again, there are a fuckload of crazies out there, who would probably actually tell everyone they knew & who knows – maybe even go as far as to follow you round. Ew creepy. So maybe it is a good idea to make that clear before you make contact. Bit of a tricky one, but in my own personal experience I find it just fucken annoying because I get it all the damn time & I AM discrete. Sure I have mentioned a few encounters on this blog, but did I mention their name? No. Their Age? No. Their address? No. What they look like? No. I mean for all you guys know it could be anyone on the damn planet. That’s being discrete ;)

But it kinda goes without saying that everyone on those websites is being discrete. So no need to pester guys to ensure they are. They could just lie to you anyway, just to get into your pants. Just sayin :)

Another thing is when guys have seriously misleading usernames. It’s just another one of those things that give of weird/confusing messages. You see a profile with the name ‘hardjockstud’ & it’s some skinny Asian man – wtf! Or, ‘youngman’ & its someone in their 60s….

I know it can be hard to think up a profile/user name, there’s so many sites out there & generally you wanna make more than a single profile to have a better chance at ‘scoring’ so can get tiring thinking of original & appropriate titles.

But it just comes down to common sense. Don’t use words like ‘macho’ ‘tough’ ‘hunk’ ‘muscle’ etc etc if you don’t even visit a gym, it’s just misleading. Like the ‘cute’ in my username in some of my profiles. It fits, it works, it’s appropriate. I am what most guys out there would say falls into the label of ‘cute’. Can you imagine if I had put ‘megajockbabe’ instead? lol

A lot of people don’t think twice about their username, but it is one of the first things guys read or see on your profile. It puts images/ideas in their head & who knows, might even put some people off clicking onto your profile in the first place. And to all those guys out there that have no pictures, well you have twice as much to worry about because your username is practically all guys have to go by & will have twice as much influence on whether you get messaged or not.

Next thing I’ve jotted down on my pad is ‘just admit your damn ethnicity’. Couldn’t be more clearer.

I reckon this is a pretty big issue, but its only an issue in the first place due to all the hatred/racism out there – especially in the gay community. But in saying that – I personally think you’re a weaker person if you can’t accept who you are & admit your real identity to others.

All sites out there allow you to choose your ethnicity & either publicly show it on your profile or even let you hide it or not fill it out at all. I could go on about this topic quite a lot, but the only point I’m trying to make here is that I’ve noticed a lot of dudes out there are lying about their ethnicity – just another one of those things which guys do online to mislead others.

I remember years & years back I met this guy online. We chatted, he seemed cool & we hooked up late one night. His profile stated he was ‘Polynesian’, ya know from the Islands, we have tonnes of hot poly boys down here in Auckland – but he was Indian.

I have nothing against Indians, they’re great people – I worked alongside them during my 3 & a half years as a waiter & one of my class mates in uni was Indian, they’re a very loyal, hardworking, friendly bunch I found – but generally speaking I don’t find myself attracted to Indian men. Anyway my point is, I met up with this guy thinking he was this buff Islander {as he claimed} but he was actually this tall skinny Indian guy. Not my type.

I think he only showed me one picture before we met – this was back when I thought you didn’t really need to see many pics, gosh I was so young & stupid back then hahaha! And the pic was one of those dark, can-barely-see-or-make-out-anything photos… so I just rolled with it. Who was I to say he was lying?

It was horrible. Meeting someone & seeing they’re nothing like what you thought they would be. Ew I cringe looking back at it now. And I could kinda tell he knew I was upset he had lied about his ethnicity which just made the whole scenario awkward. One of my many regrets, but kinda had to happen in order for me to learn from the experience & grow as a person blah blah.

But even over the last few years it has happened again, guess it’s just one of those things you can escape from. Pictures will help you find the truth though – which, again, is why they are essential.

But the thing I don’t understand is this. I can understand you might be upset that you’re from a ethnicity which has a lot of negative stereotypes etc & notice there are many profiles out there which state they don’t find your race attractive, but why would you want to lie to someone about your race – so you can meet someone who really is not attracted to the type of person you are???? I mean wouldn’t you rather be up front & honest & focus on the people who totally dig you? That way you would exclude the people who wouldn’t be interested? I mean I don’t get why guys would do that.

It might seem a bit mean & a little racist, but I’ve experienced this first hand & it’s not nice! All you need to do is be honest when creating your profile & if you don’t want to publicly put your ethnicity on your profile then don’t, as long as you have a couple of pictures of yourself, it will be clear enough anyway. :)

This ties in with my next point. There’s no need to be a total wanker when writing on your profile.

There are a huge number of profiles out there that are just plain filled with negativity & are almost hateful. I’ve no idea how these people manage to find love or sex.

For example, all online dating/cruise sites have an area where you can write a few paragraphs or sentences about yourself and what your searching for. Seems simple enough right? Well there’s a big percentage of guys out there who see this as a place to exclaim their disgust & hate towards everything from certain age groups, ethnicities, body types etc…

Personally I think – instead of writing about all the stuff you hate & coming off as a fucken dick, why don’t you write about what you DO LIKE which will then tell guys exactly what you want & will let them know if they should message you or not. They also won’t think you’re a complete cunt. :D

I mean I could sit here writing ALL night through to tomorrow about all the profiles across the internet I’ve seen over the years that are just filled with, ‘no one over the age of….’, ‘I hate guys who….’, ‘don’t even dare message me if you come from….’, ‘I can’t stand….’, ‘get a life if you…’. And these are the nicer ones I’ve come across, most are written in CAPS followed with countless!!!!!!!! and are, well just so blatantly mean & nasty.

It’s almost childish to be honest. You’re supposed to be attracting guys remember. Some of the profiles out there seem to have been written by bitchy little teenagers, but no – they actually belong to 20 somethings or 30 somethings or even 40 somethings. It’s embarrassing.

Look at it this way, you don’t see ads out there saying ‘Not for people….’, ‘don’t buy this if you….’, ‘you can’t afford this if….’ do you? No, instead they are filled with nice messages for the target audience they are trying to attract. Try to be like that. It only makes sense. Plus no one likes a hateful bitch, we already have too many in the gay community. Be the bigger man ;)

Well I’ve got a few points left but they’re nothing I really wanna dwell on. Like sending ‘winks’ or those generic messages – for god’s sake just pull your nuts out & say hi, at least! Yes I am guilty of sending winks in the past but I’ve learnt that you might as well just send your own message anyway. It is true – there are people who will NOT reply to those ‘wink’ emails. Remember, as I already covered in part 2, they’ll either say not interested or you won’t get a reply, or be a nasty dick – but at the end of the day it’s just an email.

Pictures that are too old. It’s always good to have pictures, but it’s even BETTER to have pics that are no older than 2 years. I’ll admit, I am guilty of this. Some of my pics are a few years old – but in my defence I really haven’t changed at all in the last 4-5 years. In fact my body has gotten better in that time. It’s funny, I had a mate from uni message me online last week saying how, even though I’ll be the big 22 this coming November, I still look exactly the same as 18. Is that a good or bad thing? LOL :P But yea, I’ve seen some profile with pics so old it’s pretty obvious at first glance – can be a little worrying.

Last point I’ll mention are the guys out there looking for NSA fun. And for those who didn’t get it the first time {I didn’t lol} it stands for No Strings Attached. Ya know, the dudes just looking to get their dicks wet then move on. I mean fair enough, we’re all searching for different things from others.

But the thing I’ve found, not sure if it’s just my experience, but a lot of these dudes with NSA statements on their profiles are just all bullshit. The amount of times I’ve met someone like this & the next week or even the next day they’re texting me or emailing me wanting more, or to meet again or to go further – countless. I always feel like saying, why the hell do you say only up for NSA fun? I mean I’m all for going further & meeting again if they’re what I’m interested in, but why put those statements on your profile? Is it just a safety measure for them? Or are they just plain backwards?

Anyway that’s it for part 3 I reckon. As of now I don’t plan to do a part 4. I do have more notes & topics I could talk about but I think I have covered more than enough in all 3 parts now for someone to go out there comfortably into the online dating/cruise environment. :)

I’ve already had a little feedback from a few readers who have said they totally agree with my thoughts on these topics. Glad I could share them with you. It’s funny how so many people agree, yet so many profiles out there contradict that.

Quite a funny thing, how guys can be so misleading & shady & negative, yet guys are on those sites all searching for the same things – love, sex, or just to have a good time – 3 positive things. I’ll never understand it. But we all need to learn & experience it, otherwise we’d never understand and be able to learn from being tricked & grow into wiser people. But you’ve heard that before surely ;).

This post was suppose to be up last week, but I was majorly sick so sorry about that. Had to take 2 days off work then drag my still sick ass the following 3 days of the week. Doc said I should have taken the whole week off but I can’t really afford to atm. Am feeling much better now :).

Winter is almost over, fucken finally! :P

Bye :)

half way through

Still recovering from the loss of my Desperate girls! :(

Ha! Anyway, thought it was time for another random blog with no real topic/theme.

The other week I finished work early for an appointment & as I was leaving my work to walk out on the street it was absolutely pissing down with rain. I thought, ah damn I’ll just stand here & wait it out like a few other people around me were starting to do. But 10mins later, the rain wasn’t letting up.

I text my sister, who was waiting for me in another part of the city, to say ‘still haven’t left yet’ to meet her when she said she was caught up in the rain as well & got completely drenched trying to run back to the car – I’m talking soaked bra wet.

So I get restless waiting & walk round to the other side of my building & wait alongside the street under the cover by the car park exits so my sis can just drive by and I can jump in. The street is basically over flowing with water & drains everywhere are getting blocked. At one point I looked down the car park exit driveway leading to the basement of our building & saw water bubbling up from the ground. Turns out after I left the office, an email was sent around advising people not to try to get to their cars & not to use the elevators anymore as the basement to our building was flooding. Pretty serious shit.

My sis finally turns up & I jump in and we drive off into the flooding streets. We headed for the motorway, but all the while in the back of my head I kept thinking, there’s no way I wanna be travelling 100km/hr on a highway with all this surface water around. The streets were pretty chaotic, cars going too fast, some going too slow & others had completely stopped altogether – either the drivers were scared or the engines had flooded.

At one point, we stopped at the intersection before the onramp to the motorway & one of the streets pretty much had turned into a river & had a torrent of storm water flowing right through the entire intersection. We were suppose to drive straight through, but I told my sister, there’s no fucking way I’m letting you drive us through that. When our lights when green, she turned right onto other street to try going around the block to get away from the flooding, and as we left I could see some cars behind us following us but some were risking it & trying to drive through the currents.

While we were going around Victoria park, the flooding was just as bad, the cars in front of us had their exhaust underwater & I kept thinking, fuck what about ours! But we kept the car moving, even just slowly.

Then on the final street leading up to the motorway onramp {Fanshawe street}, the entire left lane was totally underwater – to the point where even buses were not driving through. Someone even caught one stupid idiot on camera driving through it – if you watch this video you can see this car is almost completely underwater at one point {you’ll have to forgive the idiot narrator}. Here’s the vid: http://youtu.be/hu6Sy51L_0I

This is a video of Queen Street, the main street that runs through downtown: http://youtu.be/JEZiba3Ot3Q. Here’s another video {the yellow bus from 0:29-0:39 is the bus I catch everyday! :P}.

There was also a lot of flash flooding on the North Shore, here’s a tiny clip from the event centre which is not that far from my house: http://youtu.be/OC1pxTWC4Yw.

When we did finally make it home, we found water coming in from the bottom of our stairway on the bottom floor. Ekkk! I won’t lie, I was a little excited cos I’m into all that destructive nature type stuff but being in a car out on the streets as they’re flooding – wasn’t a good feeling.

Haven’t talked about anything to do with music lately so here goes.

Recently bought ‘Electra Heart’ by Marina and the Diamonds & I fucken love it! To be honest, the only reason I bought it was because my mate told me he got it & thought it was awesome. We were talking on facebook & he sent me some links to the songs on YouTube & straight away I was sitting there thinking, fuck I need to get this on my iPod!

The singer is called Marina Lambrini Diamandis {bit of a mouthful} so hence the title of her “stage/performer name”. She’s not new to me either, I heard a song of hers years ago late one night on the music channel when they just play random music videos. The song was ‘Hollywood’ & I looked it up, downloaded it and added it to my playlists. Didn’t think for one second to dig into who the singer was or what album it was from.

I really enjoy this new album. Then again I haven’t really listened to anything new in a long time so anything new would be exciting to me, but it still rocks :P. Power & Control stands out the most for me, not many words & a bit repetitive but the song just really does it for me. Plus Marina looks hot as. This is it here: http://youtu.be/o3Rp_0hoNTY

Her official release from the album that has taken off is ‘Primadonna’. Another pretty awesome song, plays on TV & on the radio quite a lot here. Played twice while at the gym, tried so hard to not dance round like a pansy in front of all the buff sexy breeders. This is it: http://youtu.be/Gj5L9SYhoSE

I love her singing style. Personally I reckon its kinda like Lana Del Rey meets Lady Gaga. Like if one of Lana’s slow earthy songs was glammed up more pop/mainstream. But she still has her own little style which is cute. And she’s Welsh! Who knew haha :P

Went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman & can say to you that as of now – it’s the best new movie I’ve seen so far this year. I saw the trailer a long time ago {they release them sooo early these days} & was pumped as for it and rightfully so.

It’s all thanks to that outstanding actress Charlize Theron who played a brilliant evil Queen, Ravenna. Pretty much the best thing of the whole damn movie. The first whole 20 minutes were great with the narration of the story at the beginning to how she managed to get into the kingdom, become queen then take over. God she was outstanding! She really took that whole role to another level & wasn’t scared to not hold back. I read in the Empire magazine that she was surprised the director wanted her & was even more surprised he let her get so ‘nuts’.

Have already talked about Charlize in her other film Young Adult, and by now I must admit she is my new favourite actress, right behind Kate Winslet. She played that evil queen so perfectly, such a cold hearted bitch to all the other characters but showed us {the viewers} her vulnerable weak side. As she’s said in interviews there is another side to the evil queen which we got to see in this film & I loved that. There was more to her being evil than just for the sake of being a bitch – it was her way of life, how she survived. Her mother taught her that her beauty was her power & so she was just protecting that. And well… trying to stay young & gorgeous forever, but can ya blame her? :P

Another part I loved the most was the end when she is stabbed by snow white & crawls next to her throne to die. Evil bitch or not, you had to feel sorry for her. I mean I was on Ravenna’s side from the start but even if you weren’t it was pretty sad. Like I just said, there was another side to the evil queen that we are fully aware of by this time in the film & even though she did deserve to die {she absolutely did not} snow white kinda sits with her with gloomy eyes & shares a little sympathy moment with her. Snow white whispers ‘You can’t have my heart’ and she SHOULD have continued with ‘But you can have my forgiveness’. But instead our gorgeous Ravenna shrivels up to a pile of ugliness…. I admit I did cry. Once she died the movie was pretty much over for me. Can I also just say – her costumes were outstanding! Perfect in every way, whoever created those amazing outfits needs an award! Honestly!!

There were plenty of other awesome kick-ass hot evil scenes but I’ll be here all night {bathing in ‘milk’ scene!!}. I guess I should mention the other cast & the rest of the movie. Kristen Stewart offered not much more than she’s already showed us in the Twilight saga. But in saying that, I do think she was the right one for the role. They needed a pretty active tomboy, not some pussy ass princess running round trying not to get mud on herself. All in all I can see why a lot of critics would give this movie 3 Stars but not 4 or 5. There does seem to be an element missing after the first half of the film {especially when the Queen has been absent a while ;)}. But honestly, I think it was great – if it had added anymore to this ‘element’ it might have come off as a Lord of the Rings type of movie and god knows we don’t need that! It had just enough to be magical & darkly fairy tale like – which rocked!

Also the ending scene was a little… well empty & unfinished in my opinion. Yes, the kingdom is put back in order with the evil queen dead & Snow White reclaiming her father’s throne.. and everyone in the castle there to see her. But the Huntsman {who is played by the hunky Chris Hemsworth} is way at the back, just standing there even though they both know they have a ‘thing’. And then the camera just seems to disappear slowly out the door as the movie fades out to black. That definitely should have been rewritten – or was it suppose to be strangely absent of some worthy fairytale ending, who knows…. the whole 2 minutes just seemed very awkward.

Ah well, still can NOT wait to get this on bluray & add it to my collection! Just a taste of Ravenna: http://youtu.be/961oEU1_oyE http://youtu.be/6ek0_l4YGkQ

Enjoyed returning to the Ice Age franchise – Ice Age 4. It takes me back to my childhood when we went to see the very first one back when I was like 12. Ahhh I remember going to the movies back then, was so much fun & carefree & I use to get soo excited I’d have to go for a piss bout 3 times before the movie started. Plus back then I never had to pay haha :P.

This franchise is arguably the best work 20th Century has done in terms of animation. I thought this latest instalment was pretty good! Wasn’t sure how the introduction of new characters would go, but it turned out for the best – especially Sid’s granny played by the hilarious Wanda Sykes. She kept me & my sis giggling all the way through.

I think it’s really neat how each movie kinda pulls from a certain era of how the earth’s changed over time, first the ice age, then the meltdown, then dinosaurs {bit out of place but still cool} & now the crust breaking up & forming countries. I guess the next movie would bring them to our time? Or maybe to the medieval ages? haha I haven’t read anything yet, but I’m betting there will be a 5th instalment – it’s done pretty well at the box office. Hopefully they can keep it going without making it too boring or going too far off the edge, either way I’ll be lining up for the 5th one ;). These movies always make me feel warm & fuzzy on the inside. Whenever my brother plays the first 3 here at home, I just wanna grab a blanket & a hot drink & cuddle up on the couch. They’re so CUTE!

Talking cartoons… gotta mention I went and saw 2012’s big Disney/Pixar movie of the year: Brave.

It was a real good movie. The whole 10th century Scottish theme of the movie did put me off after watching the trailer, but it was brilliantly done. I will say though, I was expecting something totally different. From the moment her mother transforms into a bear my mind immediately took me back to that pretty small underrated Disney flick ‘Brother Bear’ {which I love} & I couldn’t really pull my mind away from it.

Thought it was a little strange Disney would revisit the whole ‘transform into a wild animal in order to learn some great metaphorical message’, ya know the whole journey of self discovery type of story. Just this time it was on a much larger mainstream scale & between a mother & daughter mixed with some social expectations – so girls & mums of this century could relate, pft!

But anyway the animation was gorgeous, as they always are year after year. Gotta admit, the highlight for me was her 3 little triplet brothers. God damn they were sooooo adorable. I swear I said ‘nnaaawwww’ out loud every time they came on screen. And when they turn into bears as well, aw gosh they were so cute. Reminded me of my lil brother when he was 4 or 5, this innocent little kid running round the house {usually naked} creating havoc. Ahhh, those were the days.

Am surprised by all the relatively negative responses from critics around the globe. It was nothing outstanding I will agree – probably not as bright & fluffy as last year’s Tangled, but sometimes it’s good to have a slightly darker take on these things. Didn’t even realise Merida, the main character, was the first female lead for a Pixar film until I read the reviews. Then again, her character is so boyish & braver than most young guys out there – kinda forgot she was a lady anyway. Great film, but not Amazing.

Will also mention before I close up that I saw that prequel to the Alien franchise Prometheus. Not sure if I wrote in previous blogs, but years back during high school my sister went through a pretty big Alien phase & I tagged along for the ride. I enjoyed them, especially the 2nd & 4th instalments :).

Prometheus was probably on par with the other alien movies, always good to see some answers to the very first movie where Ripley & her team land on the planet for the first time, but then again there were plenty of questions left as we walked out of the cinema. Guess it’s just another one of those franchises that the studios will never officially close the doors on.

Had my gorgeous Logan Marshall-Green, that I mentioned in my old blog talking about the movie Devil, along with Charlize Theron! Haha yes she seems to be pumping them out these days, who can blame her. She played this emotionless cold corporate bitch & was pretty good at it. Her performance was nothing like Snow White or Young Adult, but it was good to see she can play a role like this as well, she’s an actress with range!

All in all the movie was pretty much what you’d expect if you’d seen the previous 4. Had an equally squeamish scene to match that of the very first famous chest burst scene – when the leading actress performs a ‘do it yourself caesarean’. I had a lot of trouble watching that part, I buried my face in my sis’s shoulder – pretty gross.

Another cool aspect was that we finally got to see what that ‘creature’ was that they discover at the beginning of the first Alien movie, sitting in what looks like in a gun control thing. Turns out, that elephant looking face was just a helmet & they look just like humans, just with translucent skin with gorgeous muscles.

But as my sister pointed out, there was a huge flaw in the end of the film. As this muscled glowing Alien tries to take off & gets into its chair thing but crashes… he’s suppose to have just died in the crash… or maybe been knocked unconscious – because in the first Alien film, they discover its dead body & see what ‘something’ has burst through its chest.

But in the end of this movie… that same super buff Alien seems to emerge from the crashed ship & goes after Elizabeth who has taken off to the lifeboat type pod thing. He tries to kill her but ends up getting killed by the create that she got cut out of her then locked up… and as it tries to fight it {alien monster vs. alien monster} she boosts off out of there hahaha. And we find out later that the hunky white guy has been implanted with… what seems to be the first “Alien creature” or a different type of creature… hence leading to the following 4 films.

But none of that could have happened if the team in the 1979 film find the crashed space ship, with that strange alien creature still at the helm of the ship, its corpse sitting there with visible evidence of something breaking through its chest. It never left? Unless something dragged its body back & put it back in the chair? pft year right.

Someone seriously fucked that up.

Well it’s about 4am in the morning so really should be running off to my bed. Hopefully be back with more shit talk soon :P Hard to believe half of 2012 is gone! It’s MAD! Ah well, we just gotta roll with it.

Chat u bitches up later :)

Goodbye Desperate Housewives

I suppose I better get this out of the way, then I won’t have to bring it up anymore, but I’ll probably reference back to it from time to time ;).

Plus I just really need to get this out of my system :P

So the finale of Desperate Housewives aired quite some time ago now on US TV screens. As of right now NZ is still a few weeks away from the final episode. Think there’s like 3 or 2 weeks left? If you remember my ‘plans’ for when I was gonna watch the final episode – well they didn’t come to fruition.

It all happened in a blur as I recall. It was a Monday night {Mondays always SUCK!} so was feeling tired and trying to adapt to work again after being lazy all weekend. I downloaded the double episode finale in HD & then wondered if I should wait for a night when my mate could come over, or I was just feeling more up for it.

But I knew I’d never get to sleep if I went to bed instead of letting my brain get its final & hugely anticipated DH fix. I grabbed a blanket, popped a can of coke & curled up on the couch with the cat on my lap. I honestly never thought I’d just casually watch the demise of my fave show like that but ah well, I was comfortable & alone which was probably a good thing. Not a single interruption :).

For anyone who’s seen a 2 hour/double length/extended season finale of any kind, you’ll already know that it’s practically just 2 episodes slapped together, or more nicely put played directly after the other. I’m not sure exactly why studios do this? Is it because the episodes are so well linked & need to be watched in chronological order? Or is it just to make everyone get all excited & freaked out by the “2 hour” part? Usually they’re even separated by an ad break or really long blackout pause to let you know it’s now the next episode… even though it’s suppose to be one big episode. Ah well who knows…

The first episode in the DH final was pretty much like any other, wasn’t anything outstanding but then again the whole court scene was pretty intense. Who knew that old bat Karen McCluskey, who’s dying from cancer, would come to the rescue. Her scene when she confessed at the stand was pretty awesome, in fact her entire speech was very good! I kept wondering how on earth Bree would get out of it & it seemed pretty devious for her to lie, but it was all for the best.

Then of course, was the much longed for make-up scene between Tom & Lynette right at the end – in the middle of Wisteria Lane no less. I’ll be honest, over the whole 8 seasons, Lynette has been the most annoying/boring one of all 4 girls. Yes the others have had their yawning storylines over the years as well, but Lynette’s storylines just always seems to bore me. The only time she got interesting to me was during Season 7 with the whole return of Paul Young/Riot storyline. I love her, but one of them has to be the most unappealing – and she’s it. I was glad they got together in the end, mostly just for the sake of all the bitching fans making it very clear online how they felt, but also it wouldn’t seem right to end it after outlasting everything on the show to not get back together here. Straight after they embrace in the middle of the street & kiss it fades out to the start of the next part.

The 2nd episode of the finale was where it all happened. I laughed, I gasped, I cried, I got goose-bumps & even scratched my head a few times & went back to re-watch certain parts.

The opening scene goes right back to the very start of it all, to a glowing innocent Wisteria Lane {pre 8 Seasons of chaos & death}, to when Mary Alice Young first moved to the Lane & is greeted by the legendary DH character Martha Huber {who was killed in Season 1}. Was soo good to see this little scene, wouldn’t have been complete without seeing Martha being the sneaky conniving nuisance she always was one last time, we loved her for it.

As Martha walks off realising there’s something darker behind Mary Alice’s reason for moving in, the next scene is Mary Alice grabbing her gun as she narrates “And this was the beginning of the end…”. As she pulls the gun up to her head, random scenes from throughout the entire eight years flash like crazy leading up to the finale sound of a gunshot as Mary Alice pulls the trigger & fades out to black… as if starting from the start all over. All happened in under 2 mins but so nicely done. This is it here: http://youtu.be/ehbieieI7co

No more than 2 minutes after the unique start, another finale worthy scene starts as Katherine Mayfair {once one of the leading ladies of the show from Season 4-6} returns in her usual colours. She only has 2 small scenes but like with Martha I’m sure all the fans wet themselves seeing her back on the Lane to say goodbye. She use to be right up there with my faves on the show, then her storyline just got…. fucken weird.

I won’t go through each scene haha but the rest of the episode is full of all the usual DH antics. And if anyone has been watching the show for ages like me, you would have noticed how gorgeous the Lane looked in this last episode. They must have done some serious grooming cos everything looked more perfect than ever & Wisteria flowers were more apparent than usual.

We all knew it was coming, but even I was shocked to see them kill off Ms. McCluskey. But the way she went was so gorgeously done. Everything went silent as the song Wonderful Wonderful by Johnny Mathis played in the background. A semi montage styled scene played out of her dying as Susan’s daughter gave birth with Bree hearing the news of McCluskey & Lynette of the new baby. Was basically the definition of bitter-sweet.

Strangely enough, less than 3 weeks after the airing of the Final episode – the actress Kathryn Joosten {who plays Karen McCluskey} died of lung cancer – which is exactly what her character had in the show. When I saw the first article posted by tvguide.com on facebook I was really taken by it. I just sat there looking at the new post thinking WTF!, until I finally managed to click it & read the article. I already knew Kathryn had been diagnosed with cancer before but last I heard/read she had beaten it. I guess it took its toll on her, how sad!

But you have to admit how odd/creepy it all is…. they give her character cancer & make it terminal then give her a big send off in the final – & all the while the woman is actually going through the ordeal of having cancer & really does die. I keep thinking, if she had died before the airing of her characters death  in the season final – I wonder if they would have still played it? I know many other shows who have had episodes post-boned or completed unaired due to real life events in the real world that would have deemed them distasteful & offensive.

This is the scene here: http://youtu.be/HWCLbQCsaGo

Here’s the first article I read: http://www.tvguide.com/news/kathryn-joosten-dies-1048430.aspx

After the Johnny Mathis song, the remaining 6mins plays out the end. It starts with a tiny cameo appearance of Marc Cherry {the creator} & personally I think it’s quite pathetic, but then again how else could they have written him in?

The last scene with the girls all together happens as they play their usual game of poker in Lynette’s house – which was my least favourite house :(. Kinda ticked me off a little, as the whole getting together to play poker thing had never actually really been a regular ‘thing’ throughout the whole 8 seasons. As a hardcore fan – I could tell the writers tried to make it this Wisteria Lane tradition but I never felt it, maybe only in Season 1. It was one of those things that they apparently always got together to do, but us as viewers never saw – just the occasional game here & there {I guess only when it mattered}. I swear there is one season where they get together to play poker only 3 times – in the whole 24 episodes.

But all in all, they were all together so who really cared what the hell they were doing, as long as they were chatting/gossiping/bitching or just talking shit like we always loved. It was quite a moving scene for me like I’m sure it was for a lot of other fans, cos as soon as you saw them at the table you knew this was the last scene they filmed together.

They share a few sweet words with each other & promise to meet up in the future even as they already know Susan is leaving & Lynette will if she gets her new job. But as the camera pulls out of the house through a window, Mary Alice narrates “It was a promise made in all sincerity, but sadly it was not meant to be”. This is followed by a little montage of scenes showing the fate of each housewife & where they end up after moving from the lane. Quite sad but I felt it was very realistic & nowhere near as outrageous as how some characters end up in finales.

The last scene of the series ends as Susan greets the woman moving into her house & then drives round the lane one final time. As she drives round, many of the people who’ve died during the show are standing scattered about the lane, their ghosts looking on forever apart of the street – well that’s how I interpreted it.

When I first saw the white figures I was a little baffled. But as I listened to Mary Alice young & saw all the familiar faces I realised how sweet & clever it was. Mary Alice is the last figure to see Susan leave the lane & as Susan’s car exits a moving truck passes her and parks next to Susan’s empty house.

In perfect Desperate Housewives tradition, the very last shot is that of the new housewife rushing off inside Susan’s garage, as the music darkens, to hide a box that hold a deep secret. Mary Alice narrates : “Most people just go on, day after day, trying in vain to keep secrets that will never stay hidden” then the camera fades to black.

This is the end: http://youtu.be/1_ZbbxbO324

Am I satisfied? Do I want Marc Cherry’s head don a stick? Was it a worthy ‘goodbye’? I thought it was great, not outstanding but then when I keep thinking about how they ended it & what else they could have done – maybe it was the perfect send off. Maybe that was the best they could have done without going too far or not doing enough. It’s sad they all eventually move off the lane & go live out the rest of their lives without each other, but you know I kinda like that part the most. It’s so real life. I mean for starters who even has that many close mates that they’ve kept for that long? No one I’ve met, you might have one best mate from high school, but generally I think most people loose contact or just stop seeing those friends after a decade or two. People do eventually end up taking jobs, moving house, having children, getting married and things change, but it doesn’t always mean it’s a bad thing {as shown in the show}.

The same thing happened in the finale of Will & Grace. They ended up finally parting & living their own lives without relying on each other. Was very sad but after 8 Seasons of being joined at the hip – I can honestly say it was for the better. Only difference was they did meet up again after decades of being apart, but then who knows the Wisteria Lane girls could have done the same thing…..

Thank Christ this finale was NOTHING like the infamous ones of other popular shows… Lost, Sopranos, Nip/Tuck, Seinfeld, Roseanne, Life on Mars {USA version}, Dinosaurs, 3rd Rock from the Sun, X-Files… to name some off the top of my head. They all ended with loose ends, or made no sense, or were just depressing or ridiculous as hell. It was as if the creators/studios didn’t realise they had huge fan bases & just ended them with no regard for any of the people who loved the shows & wanted answers or just to see a nice finish for the characters they tuned in to watch every week.

Even Buffy had a pretty shit ending. After the ‘big final’ battle, they obviously win, but the entire town of Sunnydale is eaten up by the ‘Hell Mouth’ – literally. She & the gang {the ones that didn’t die in the battle} turn to look at the huge crater that was once home to the slayer & her gang for 7 Seasons. They may have saved the world {for the millionth time}, but the characters we loved for 7 years were injured or dead {my fave character died} & were left with nothing.  Wasn’t happy.

Gimme Gimme Gimme also had a pretty depressing ending – which I think I covered in my previous blog about it. Our 2 fave pals, Linda & Tom split forever. Well Tom leaves Linda cos he actually got a proper acting job, leaving Linda all alone in a dark bedroom as the credits roll. I try not to tear up whenever I play it, but I can’t help it. For such a hilarious, flamboyant show – that was such an undeserved send off. I pretend that the job didn’t last & he moves back in with Linda – Happy Days! The Millennium Special episode is how it should have ended.

Ok it’s out of my system. A show I’ve followed since 2005 has finally finished. Had countless good times with it. Seems silly now, all these posters in my room & other merchandise I’ve collected over the years. Now it’s over all those things just sort of make me a little sad. But I’m glad I had 8 awesome years of it. The average age of any show these days is barely to season 3…

I wonder what will happen to Wisteria Lane now…? No matter what they film there from this day forth, people will only every think of DH. Unless they give it a complete makeover.

Season 8 DVD boxset will be out here in NZ this October, so who knows maybe I’ll start the DH marathon in November sometime. I plan to buy the whole boxset when it comes out on Bluray as well. I always said I’d buy each season on DVD then the entire collection when it was finished & released on bluray.

Well I doubt many of you even read this blog, but that’s all good, to be honest its more for myself anyway.


Fiji trip

I can now add Fiji to my list of places I’ve been too.

And the places I’ve been to is now a list! But if you need more than 2 things for something to be considered a list, then it still isn’t :(. Australia & Fiji. Yay! haha, much better than just saying Aussie – half of everyone here in NZ has been across the ditch to aussie so it’s nothing cool. It’s like an American saying they drove across the border to Canada or a Londoner who took the Eurostar train to France – it’s no biggie.

One day I’ll head out on a flight that is longer than 3 hours to a far off destination ;). but right now I’m planning to just save for the rest of the year. Still haven’t moved out of home yet, grrr sounds so lame. And I know once I do I won’t have any money for anything other than bills, petrol & food. I’d still love to go to US, Canada & Europe. Few other places I’d love to go to as well.


Like I already guessed, it was over in a flash. 5 nights was pretty much nothing – but in saying that I’m glad we didn’t stay any longer, honestly by the last day I hate to admit this but I was pretty bored.

I mean it’s not like I went to Paris or L.A where there’s endless things to do & see. I mean we were on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So there is a fairness when I say I got bored – haha, even though I paid thousands of dollars for a tropical getaway at a resort :P. shhhhhh.

My stepdad said he went to Fiji for 9 nights and was bored shitless by the last day – ha I can actually see where he was coming from. It’s really a place for either honeymooners who just wanna fuck all night/day in their resorts, then just wanna lay in the sun and tan then eat out at restaurants then start the cycle all over. Or families. Weird mix, but honestly that’s deff the target market.


But enough negativity. It was an awesome experience I’ll never forget and might be something I’ll never get to see/experience again, so I’m very thankful. Plus those 6 days of lazing around were pure bliss.

It’s taken me a while to put this on my blog for a reason – writing this finally means it’s over. Even though I got off the plane weeks ago & have even been back at work for longer than I’d have liked. Like my aussie trip, putting this up means it happened & is now just a memory. So yea kinda sad but I ah well I’ll deal ;).

Our flight to Nadi was at about 7:45am. Had to be up at like 4:30 for our transfer pickup. Think I went to bed at 1ish & went to sleep on the couch. Was too nervous/excited to properly go to bed. The flight over was pretty smooth, was still scared, but I just tried to block out every plane crash scene I’d ever seen in a move :P. was a lot harder than I thought. The worst part was descending into Nadi and coming through the clouds. They were big & dark & the whole plane fell into darkness & we couldn’t see out the windows. Bit of turbulence which brought a few tears to my eyes, but no one else looked worried. My sister had her face in a book she got at the airport the whole time. I just put it down to me being a pussy, but at the time I was so freaked.

The wave of heat that hit us when stepping off the plane was so nice. I’d heard people at work talk about it & I was trying to prepare myself for this unbearable climate – but it was so nice! Just took my jacket off in the airport & was fine :).

I have to admit, I was totally thrown by what I saw on our transfer drive from the airport to Denarau Island. I mean I knew in the back of my mind that Fiji is one of those ‘corrupt’ countries that puts all its resources into one industry, such a tourism, & then doesn’t distribute the wealth from that throughout the country to the people such as into education, health, or even infrastructure – but to actually see it for myself made me physically sick. I think it was just a mixture of the heat, still recovering from the flight & being in unfamiliar surroundings, but looking out the window at the broken houses – actually they were more like shacks – really made my stomach churn. I saw dogs with 3 legs stumbling around, roads which had giant pot holes & people wearing old tattered clothes which most the time didn’t fit.

And it was all amongst this beautiful tropical lush landscape. Once we passed all the houses and broken streets we went over a small bridge and it seemed we were in another country, the land was sculpted and gorgeous trees and gardens were everywhere – quite obvious we’d reached one of the Resort capitals of the pacific. Wyndham, Radisson, Sofitel, Sheraton, Westin & Hilton resorts all packed onto this tiny piece of land.

Our Resort was pretty awesome, then again this is the first official 5 star hotel I’ve stayed at. Was a lot newer than the other resorts & had a really great feel to it. One of the first things I noticed was all the other Resorts – especially the Sofitel had very dark cold reception areas, was so strange. Ours was open & the roof was extremely high up & let the light & air just flow in & out. Then again, I guess during the hottest months a dark & gloomy lobby would be nice? pft…

We got an upgraded room! And by upgraded I don’t mean we got the penthouse suite, but just a better view. All the cheapest rooms {or ‘lead in’ rooms as they like to call them} are located along the roadside at the very front of the resort, furthest away from the ocean & face out to the road/golf course – still nice but still not that nice! haha. We got pumped up to one of the rooms along the side of the property, looking out to the neighbouring resort {The Sheraton}. Was really nice. Couldn’t see the ocean but you could look out to where the resort ended. To be honest I didn’t really care, but was just awesome to know we got upgraded! I had been told me might get it when I booked but it wasn’t confirmed until check-in. Plus being next to the road would have been annoying.

Our first day there, we just looked around the resort – almost got lost a few times. Check out the pool & gym, then had some lunch. They had the usual expensive restaurants there, but had this awesome place called Neptune’s. Pretty much just this little fish & chip shack on the waterfront that sold pizzas, fish & chips etc. Was more our food. We weren’t really into blowing all our cash at pretentious restaurants that serve tiny proportions of all this fancy crap. They had picnic tables & a bench there which looked out over the ocean & was such an awesome place to go during the sunset. Eating dinner & watching the sun go down, was so lovely.

Treasure Island

Second day we headed out to Denarau Port – the place where all the cruises depart for the islands & the only other place on the island {apart from the shops etc at the resorts} where you can go shopping with more bars & restaurants. Shopping is very limited & VERY expensive to be blunt. All the shops sell all the same stuff & as they know Denarau is the tourist hot stop everything is top dollar. We walked there unlike most people staying at the resorts. There are constant shuttles & busses which go round all the resorts picking them up and take them to the Port, sometimes every 20 minutes. But there’s really no need to waste your money. The walk is only about 30mins max! It’s such a nice walk too, fresh air & nice hot sun, beautiful trees & gardens with lizards and birds everywhere. I’m telling you there were so many fat lazy tourists who could have actually benefitted from a healthy walk. Ick!

Also get this. We found that the main shuttle that goes round the resorts to Denarau Port , which is called the ‘Bulla Bus’ cost FJD$7 {valid all day}, but if you get a taxi, its only FJD$5. So everyone on that shuttle is getting ripped off by $2. SHAME!

Best part about the port was they had a Hard Rock cafe there. Anyone who follows the blog will know I went to the Hard Rock on the Gold Coast last year – probably one of the best lunches I’ve ever had. We ended up having lunch & dinner there. Was pretty good, sat outside both times, was a little windy but was warm so no one was bothered. Our experience wasn’t as good as the Gold Coast – not sure if it was because we were just not that hungry or because of the quality of our dishes. Was still great but yea wish it had been as great as Gold Coast. Their shop there was alright, nothing my style or size but my sis managed to score a pretty awesome t’shirt ;).

Denarau Port

3rd day was our first day trip tour out to Treasure Island. To be honest I was pretty nervous about the whole process, but as we went through it that morning is all seemed pretty straight forward. Of course we confirmed our tour at the front tour desk the day before {as all tours are weather permitting etc etc} & they told us the time to be waiting in the lobby for the transfer to the port. Then once you got to the port you just get in line at the ticket/tour desks and they give u your vouchers and wristbands as well as tell you which boat to get on – there were 3.

Once inside the vessel and your sailing out to the resort islands they have a speaker who kinda acts like a talking guide – telling info of the islands and interest facts about them. She also clearly states which islands the boat will stop at & when it’s time for those people to get out to the little transfer boat to the island. So was pretty much worry for nothing. Everything was clear & pretty straight forward. Huge relief! Was such smooth sailing too. There were 3 levels to the boat, bottom on with seats inside, then second with captains area & seats outside then the top level with more open air seats. We only went up top once, going from Castaway Island back to Denarau, was windy as fuck & quite cold as the sun was going down but it was on us the whole time back so the wind didn’t bother us .I stood right up the front overlooking the bow out across the ocean – couldn’t help thinking that this was probably the closest I’d ever get to feeling like Rose at the bow of the Titanic lol.

Castaway Island

Treasure Island was very cool. Getting off our vessel into the tiny little transfer boat was a little unnerving but I got over it. When we jumped onto the beach it was a bit surreal. We had a tour guide {lovely woman} who took us around the small island, showing us the facilities and where to get our snorkel gear & when lunch was etc. We had the whole day just to fuck round do whatever – was great!

We picked some sun chairs and got a spot on the beach, there was practically no one around so wasn’t hard finding a nice spot, then grabbed our snorkel gear. I’d never gone snorkelling before & have always had a huge fear of sharks and always been a tad weary about the ocean in general. But the beach was gorgeous, the sun was out, the water looked cleaner than my fish tank & I’d come all that way so wasn’t going to chicken out. Plus snorkelling isn’t something people really do here in NZ – we’re not a tropical island with lagoons & palm trees like some people out there think hahaha.

We waded into the water & slipped into our flippers – I’m sure there was a proper technique to it, but the people at the snorkel shack never told us anything & we could be bothered asking anyone. Took like 3 attempts to get them on with as little sand in them.

Was pretty amazing, there were little fish swimming around us and we weren’t even waist deep. When you put your mask on & look under the water it’s insane all the little critters everywhere! Groups of gorgeous fish shoaling and schooling everywhere {look it up, there is a difference}, then the odd few just darting off here or swimming round the coral. It was such a beautiful experience. All my fear pretty much vanished & I even ended up swimming up ahead of my sis out from the beach.

Gotta admit, after watching movies like Finding Nemo, I kinda thought coral would be just as colourful as the fish but it really isn’t. Maybe it was just the ocean round those Fiji Island? cos all the coral we saw was just brown, yellowy mostly. The odd bronze, maroon or green but no amazing colours really. Made the fish stand out though. It all just seemed to go on forever, endless coral formations & rocks that covered the ocean floor. With a constant buzz of fish swimming & darting around as if someone whispered to them the end was near.

Castaway Island

Occasionally your snorkel would get water in it & you’d inhale salt water {which is gross & dries your throat out} but you just blow it out. A few meters from the beach, say about 10 or 15 metres, was a little floating platform, wasn’t very big, only like about 1×1.5 meters in size. Just enough for you & a mate climb up on & have a little rest. We sat there for a bit & caught some rays then put our flippers on – with no sand this time :P & went back to it.

Whenever we stopped for a few seconds in the water I’d always be yelling at my sis to check this out or ‘omg did you see that?!’ haha and we’d look out further beyond us & see other snorkelers who must’ve done as far as the ‘drop off’. Our tour guide did tell us that many people go as far out as the drop off – which if you didn’t already know is where all the coral/rocks finish and then the deep abyss off the barren ocean floor starts. I wasn’t really keen on going that far out & we had already gone quite a fair distance – which really surprised me. Even my sister was surprised I hadn’t freaked out yet. We did loose each other a few times which did make my heart jump-start but didn’t last too long.

We were out there for a good 30mins then decided to swim back to the beach, by now most swimmers/snorkelers had returned to the beach as well. We kinda just mucked round in waist deep water. We started snorkelling in the shallows when I spotted this huge fish just up ahead it was all alone & looked like a big snapper type fish, not some little coral fish. It was sort of green but simmered purple as the light refracted off it – looked so special so I swam up to it with my sis following behind. As I was heading for it I noticed another fish casually approaching up behind it. Didn’t think anything of it, until that fish behind it turned on its side… and I saw its full length and…. dorsal FIN!

I don’t know how to describe the feeling I had when my brain finally realised that it was a Shark, in the water, in front of me – don’t know how many metres but close enough to see. It was what I would call a shot of adrenalin that shot through to my legs. I somehow spun around in the water 180º & boosted for the beach, completely forgot about my sister behind me & our shoulders slammed into each other as we hit. We both sat up in the water & she said ‘what the fucks wrong with you’ I managed to whisper out ‘there’s a shark over there’ & went for it.

The whole thing happened in under 15 seconds & the most terrifying thing was how close to the beach we were… just a few metres. It just took a couple of stokes to make it into knee deep water again. My sister gave me a look to say ‘yea I don’t believe you’. So what did we do? I took her back to see it again. I know right, how utterly stupid – but I really didn’t want us to get back home & tell everyone the story only to have my sister finish it with ‘oh he’s full of shit’. We kinda just floated in the same place I had seen it, both of us too scared to keep going ahead. We looked out to the distance but couldn’t see anything in the cloudy dark distance. We gave up after a while but as my sister wasn’t looking I did see another big long fish swim past in the distance. After that we called it quits and just worked on our tans for the rest of the day. I’ve already had a nightmare about it haha

Black Tip Reef Shark - the one I saw!!

Our guide did tell us that there would be sharks in the water, but only the baby ones come up into the shallows. And apparently if you just splash the water they go away. ha right. Anyway after lunch we were coming back from the restaurant to our spot on the beach when we saw our tour guide & other people hurriedly heading past us, she quickly told us someone had apparently stepped on something. Then as we walked past a couple on the beach we overheard the woman ask ‘so did you see what it was?’ and the guy replied, ‘nah, there was just blood everywhere’. And he was all wet so had obviously just come from swimming.

That was pretty unsettling, so for the rest of the afternoon we laid in the sun like seals. But before the day was over we went to the turtle feeding! Turns out Treasure Island does have a little enclosure in the middle of the Island with about 20 baby turtles. And at 3:30 each day they feed them & let tourist hand feed them. Awesome thing was, no one else on the Island showed up so was just me & my sis. They were so adorable & was so good to see my sister light up. She was soooo set on seeing turtles and she got to feed & touch them.

Treasure Island rocked. We got pretty much the whole Fiji experience all in a day haha, the good & bad ;). But I still wouldn’t recommend it for everyone. The Island is tiny & pretty much the only 2 things to do are swim & sun bathe {and eat/drink}. But if that’s all your looking to do on an isolated island in the pacific, deff go for the day trip! By the time we got back to Port Denarau we were knackered! We had dinner & Hard Rock then caught our $5 taxi back to the resort :D

Denarau Port

Day 4 was practically a repeat of Treasure Island… just re-place Treasure with Castaway & take out the shark part. We got there, nabbed a spot on the beach & went snorkelling. Castaway was an enormous island, and the resort only took up about 5% of it. Was no way we were walking around that one. They had tracks going up through the bush which we did plan on doing but after our snorkel session we collapsed on the sun chairs and then went to lunch & afterwards were too bloated for a long uphill walk.

We didn’t go very far out when we snorkelled this time round. Especially with the image of that shark still fresh in my brain. We ended up swimming round the rocks, was so cool. Saw loads of different fish & even saw a little puffer fish – well it wasn’t all bloated but still was cool. I got fresh water puffers in my fish tank so knew straight away when I saw it.

sea snake?

By the afternoon I walked round in the water & noticed these 2 small snake like creatures slithering round in the sand & rocks. I called my sister over to check them out & she though they were actual baby sea snakes & flipped! Apparently they’re extremely poisonous, but we couldn’t be sure if they really were or not. They didn’t appear ominous, but they were very brightly coloured which usually means danger in the reptile world {doesn’t it?}. We were worried because just a few metres away little kids where playing in the water & we didn’t know if we should warn their parents. At the front of the resort is a sign warning of Stingrays hiding under the sand, but no mention of sea snakes…. maybe they were just little worm things… who knows.

sea snakes?

Day 5 was our last free day before heading back home on day 6. This is the day where I can pretty much say I was bored… we’d done 2 awesome day trips out to the Islands, swam in our resorts pool, sun bathed, gone for walks along the beach, eaten at restaurants, walked up to Port Denarau to shop/eat & been round all the other resorts. After all that there is pretty much ZERO left to do… that’s why I suggest going with your partner, cos then you can just fuck when u get bored.

So we just went for another swim in our pool, another session of sun bathing & went for another walk along the beach & tried out a different restaurant for lunch at the Sofitel. It was really nice, relaxing & hot but.. well… we’d been doing this for the past 4 days & well I just got a bit bored I guess. Maybe I was just feeling home sick, because when I went to Aussie last year we were there for 8 days & I never had the feeling of being bored or wanting to just go back home – in fact I wanted to stay longer in Aussie. But I just kept reminding myself how much this all cost me & that I should count myself lucky I’m not still stuck in the office back in wet wintery Auckland.

That last lunch at the Sofitel was quiet funny actually. It has such a cool little location, on a deck right on the water’s edge. I thought I’d go all out & ordered this funky as cocktail. I only chose it because it had orange & passion fruit juice in it & I figured that’d be enough to hide the hideous taste of alcohol – if I remember rightly it hah both dark & white rum.

'The Drink'

Anyway they deliver our drinks & they look awesome as. I take a swig of mine & almost vomit it back up. All I could taste was the bitterness of alcohol, it was dreadful! I couldn’t taste any orange or passion fruit juice – the rum was just so over powering. But it cost me sooo much & looked so cool so I though fuck it, I’m drinking this mother fucker if it kills me.

By the time our food arrived I was really feeling the alcohol. I hadn’t eaten anything all day & I was really thirsty so it was going straight to my brain. My sister started looking at me funny & finally asked ‘Are you getting drunk?’. I just laughed and fell back in my seat. I didn’t want to admit that my head was spinning. She gave me another one of her ‘sometimes, I wonder’ looks and took the not even half empty cocktail off me. I was a little pissed as it cost me like $20 {for a DRINK!} but she told me if I drank anymore I’d be totally sloshed & wouldn’t be able to think straight. So I agreed not to touch anymore & loaded my stomach with delicious food.

That’s one thing I noticed. I went to the pool-bar at our resort once & ordered a sex on the beach – it was pretty gross as well, just overloaded with too much alcohol. Maybe that’s why their cocktails are so expensive? personally I’d rather the cocktail to be overloaded in juices and sweeteners but it seemed all the bar people on Denarau were trained to pack as much alcohol in as possible. Those 2 drinks were the only alcohol beverages I tried. Ick! Thank god for coke & sprite ;)!

Well this is the 6th page of writing so I’ve officially beaten my record of longest blog. There’s much more I could talk about but I think I’ve said enough. There were lots of sexy hunky dads everywhere which gave me swollen balls the whole trip. Plus I think it was the heat & sun cos my piece was locked & loaded every night for action, grrr!

Treasure Island bar

Would I ever return to Fiji? It depends… I mean of course I wouldn’t say no to a trip to the beautiful tropics but I’d really only plan to go back if I had a hunky stud to take with me & ravage all the time in-between swimming & sunbathing. It’s pretty cheap too – I mean compared to going to the States or Europe, so that’s a pretty big factor as well. But I reckon if I ever have enough cash & time to have another holiday I’d go to a more exciting place like the Gold Coast or one with interesting history.

Castaway Island

America & Europe are probably my next ‘do to’ items on my travel list. But for a kiwi to venture that far is a pretty big deal, maybe one year it will happen….

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the blog, if you managed to make it through without falling asleep.

Hope everyone up north is enjoying their gorgeous Summer & everyone else down here with me is keeping warm through this fucken annoying winter.

Bye everyone :) – gosh I just reached 7 pages!

online dating/cruising for gays {part 2}

Welcome to part 2 of my online dating/cruising blog :P

It use to be like this – the only way to get a guy was by going out on a Friday or Saturday night to a club, bar, pub or a local ‘known’ gay hang out place and going from there.

Times have completely changed. Now days you can just log online or get out your smart phone and browse away. Back in the ‘olden days’ all those straight, curious and bi dudes had no choice but to join the rest of us, but now they can hide away and blend in with all the breeders.

So there’s plenty more I can talk about with this topic. My last blog was very focussed on pictures etc so I’ll try my best not to talk about that side of it, but I can’t promise it won’t show its face again pretty big deal when you’re not seeing people in the flesh.

Diving in, let’s start with replies. Now I don’t know about you, but when I message a dude it’s because I like what I see & I’d love to see more/get to know more. So really, I’d love to hear back. But what if the person you’re sending that message to doesn’t reflect those same feelings? Do you still expect a response?

I do. In fact I would prefer a guy to be honest & straight up with me {as I am with everyone else} and tell me ‘sorry but I’m not interested’. Five words. Simple. Easy. Or even just the last three words or hell if your that fucken lazy the last two. I personally think it’s MUCH better to get that kind of response than to be left with nothing. Sitting there not knowing if they were just too busy to reply or maybe they had an influx of messages and missed out the one you sent. Who knows, could be any reason – I know there have been plenty that I’ve never replied to when I intended to.

It’s the worst feeling. Not knowing – especially if the guy you’re looking at is just what your into. Yes I know rejection hurts a little, I won’t deny it and anyone that does is full of shit. It sucks getting a reply with ‘sorry but you’re not my type’ or ‘move along’ or ‘leave me alone’ or even ‘ew fuck off you freak’. I’ve had them all….. but at least you get the comfort of knowing that the person on the other end is clearly not interested and you can move on without wasting more time or getting hung up on them. Hell you can even block them, makes sense – why bother show up for them online when they’re not interested, I say get rid of them so you can focus on more potentials.

But in regard to what I’ve just said, we must also look at it from the person receiving the message. When someone messages you and is very obviously into you but completely not what you’re looking for – what do you do? This is when most of us just turn into hypocrites and don’t send any response – in turn becoming the very people who ignore us and don’t bother to send a response. It’s this vicious circle. I don’t think it’ll ever end. For example, my best gay mate he agrees with me that he would rather a dude message him back to tell him he’s got no chance – rather than to have received no reply and to be left with nothing – forever not knowing. But at the same time, when some guy he thinks is ugly or weird messages him – he won’t reply. Dumb right? Bit of a double standard there if you ask me, but I’m only using him as an example, I know there are probably millions of men on this earth who do the exact same thing.

Is it so hard to reply and say that you’re not interested? Trust me the guy on the other side will thank you for it. Well not actually, although many have thanked me.

I always reply, well honestly I always TRY to reply. I haven’t replied to every single message I’ve gotten my entire life, that would just be a lie. But I do always try my best to reply to guys to let them know I’m not interested. There have been a few exceptions though along the way.

There’s also a few percentage of guys out there who don’t seem to get the message, even after you politely say ‘Thanks for the message, but I’m not interested sorry’. A month will pass & they’ll hit on you again. I get this quite often. I wouldn’t blame them if I didn’t respond to their first email or have given them mixed signals, but if you clearly reply saying you’re not interested – WHY THE FUCK are you chatting me up again? Do you really think my ‘interest’ is going to change in you because you’ve messaged me on a different day a month later {usually with the same message as before word for word lol}. Who knows. I’ll admit I have messaged dudes a few months after first messaging them – but purely on the basis of the fact they never replied. That’s why I’d rather get a ‘not interested’ response, because then I’d know he’s not keen and I could leave him alone. Sometimes I’ve had guys who are dead keen, even though I messaged them 2 months ago & they didn’t reply… god knows what happened there? It’s a tricky world.

Then again, although 90% of guys do appreciate the reply there are those 10% that can get quite nasty, ya know – the dickheads who can’t handle rejection. I mean sure they’re allowed to not be into some guys, that’s fine. But shit if someone says sorry you’re not my type to them – they’ll blow. I’ve had a few over the years who have gone hysterical at me. Christ it makes me laugh, I mean can you honestly expect every guy you message to be into you? It’s just common sense. And you need to be prepared for that when you make a profile on the net, trust me it’s just as disappointing on there as it is in the real world.

When I see a gorgeous guy with a nice profile, I look at it this way – if I don’t message him & wait for him to message me, I’ll probably never get a response. But if I grow some balls and message him – the worse that can happen is either A: no response B: a neutral ‘sorry not interested’ response or C: the nasty ‘ew fuck off leave me alone’ type of response. Either way – it’s not like you’re walking up to him in person & he’s telling it to your face- now that’s a kick in the guts.

The internet can kinda decrease the hurt & embarrassment that we would have normally had to go through back in the old days when there was no internet. Even if you get a genuinely nasty hateful response, at the end of the day it’s just some email message on a dating/cruise site. It’s not like someone wrote out a letter and posted it to you personally, or called you up abusing you, or even came over to you in the supermarket degrading you. The internet can somewhat ‘shield’ us from that experience.

But then there’s also the response that we all dream of, the ‘hey man, like what I see, I’m totally keen’ ;). That’s not exactly how it goes but you get the picture {someone who’s interested in you as well :P}. So it’s not all bad news, you just have to be patient I find. They come & they go. A lot of times you don’t even need to message them, they hit you up first! :D

Ok, so enough with replies atm. One ‘pet peeve’ that I have is with guys who will have nothing but ass pictures plastered all over their profile – yet they clearly state they’re TOP only. Or vice versa {have dick pic but say BOTTOM only}. C’mon? Am I the only one who’s thinking, um wait…. am I missing something?

Don’t get me wrong, I love looking a hot muscular bubble ass and a sweet dick you just wanna jump on, but why do some people have to be so confusing? Your giving pretty big mixed messages if your flaunting your ass around, but write in your profile, ‘active top, looking for hungry bottoms only’. Surely if that were the case, you’d post a picture of your cock – to attract guys that would wanna slide that inside them. Right? Or am I just missing something? Who knows!?

Honestly the amount of times I scroll across a profile of a bottom who has 1 face pic and maybe 3 or 4 pics of their cock. I just think to myself, where the fucks your ass pics? If you say you’re a bottom, then show the goods – not the goods you don’t wanna use. If your gonna ‘show off’ your ass/dick then make sure that’s the thing you want to use.

Maybe guys just don’t get the whole top/bottom concept? TOPS fuck ass. BOTTOMS get their ass fucked. Simple as that. I’m versatile, so maybe that’s why I can’t see the logic in it. I have pics of both, as you should.

Another annoying thing I find, while on the topic of pics, is men who have pictures of themselves with other people – especially GIRLS! or young kids/babies. I know what you’re thinking, god he bitches when they don’t have any & then when they do, he bitches as well. Ha! Your right, but honestly I think it’s pretty ‘creepy’ seeing other people in photos – on a dating/cruise website.

First of all, do those people in their pictures even know they are using them on a website like this? For other people to see, who are all just looking for some quick/long-term fun. Did they mention to their best girlfriend ‘oh hey hope you don’t mind but used a pic of us together on this site called manhunt – so I can score some cock’. I doubt they did. And does that child’s mother know you have a picture of you holding their kid that you’ve plastered on a adult gay cruise website? ha yea right!

Or what about the guys that have picture of themselves sitting on a couch with their little sister or mother, or holding a baby in a hospital? I mean c’mon, that’s disrespecting your own families privacy – it’s sort of sick in a way. The pictures you have should be of you, and YOU only. Not you plus your nana, or dad, or friend’s sister’s newborn, or even your best gay mate.

I remember a long time ago I put a photo up of me & my sis – sitting on the couch together. Nothing weird, just us smiling at the camera, we looked good so thought I’d post it. I started to get messages from straight guys asking if they could get the girl in the pictures number & if she had a bf. In the end I kinda realised I should never have posted it & I thought to myself, if I had asked my sis if it would’ve been ok to put that pic of her on my dating website, she would’ve straight up say no – as would most people. I know I’ve posted a few pics of her on here, but I’ve already mentioned it to her & she didn’t really seem bothered at all.

My best gay mate once posted a picture of himself with his little cousin, no older than say 4 years old. He eventually received messages {obviously from total fucken creeps} who were mostly interested in the child in his picture, asking him how old he was and if they lived together. My god just do everyone a favour and DON”T post pictures of yourself with children.

Anyway, another reason I’m bringing up this issue is because when I’m cruising through profiles, one of the most repulsive/turn off things a guy can have on his profile is a picture with him & females/kids. I’m gay, so I love men & joining a website like that means I’m searching for a man – so when I find a dude that has a picture full of all his girlfriends, I just naturally get turned off. Sure you have friends, sure you have fun but leave those pictures for facebook. Sensible isn’t it?

Well, that’s more than enough ramblings for part 2. Still have a few things on my pad that I haven’t covered yet, so looks like there will be a part 3.

Anyway, this will be the last post before my big trip to Fiji. So next time you hear from me I’ll be all tanned and rejuvenated – hopefully!

See you guys later.


Totally forgot about this! JOKES! :P

Nah as usual, every time I sat down to write one of these something’s come up. Either the cats jumped up on my lap or screamed at me for attention, something cool’s come up on TV, my sis is dragging me out somewhere or a friends been over… anyway enough defending myself :P

So it finally happened! I got to see my favourite movie on the silver screen. Only been longing for that ever since 1997 but hey its happened!

I ended up going to see it with my sis as always, but we took our little brother with us. He knows about the movie because of my obsession with it. He’d never seen it but had been around a few times when I’d put the video and DVD on. He was surprisingly keen for a 12yo boy to see it – kids these days are into the most strange out of it shit I’ll tell you.

So yea thought it would be good to show it to the next generation, plus it beats him sitting at home watching youtube and playing xbox and play station all night.

Was so thrilling watching it start, sort of surreal – as if we’d hired out that cinema just to play the movie. Seemed odd not being on my couch on laid out on the floor with blankets like I always was watching it at home. I was even quite jealous to see soo many young people there – all seeing it for the first time I guess as well, many probably never seen it at all apart from small clips here and there on the internet.

Cameron wasn’t lying, the quality has incredibly improved. Even with the 3D effect tazering your eyes – you can clearly see how they’ve cleaned up the special effects. It’s really was like a new experience in terms of that. Plus I’m not sure if it was just the fact I was sitting in a enclosed space with huge speakers but I heard so much more in the background than I had at home.

Ya know, when the camera starts to pan away from whoever you were just looking at even though they’re still talking… and as the camera moves their voices fade but you can still hear what they’re saying – THAT is so much clearer! Maybe my hearing is just totally shot, but kinda makes sense, no people, alarms, cars, lawn mowers, dishwashers, animals or sirens going off around you as the world turns. It was probably just the quiet dark room but damn I was sure the audio was cleaned up as well, I heard lines I’d never heard it before! Fucking shocked me! Was so cool.

I’m planning to go again with my best mate. I’ve seen it twice so far, but next Wed, at 7:45pm is the last ever screening of it. I went to the last ever screening of Scream 4 and it was pretty cool. Quite a few people had gone – obviously all knowing it was the last one & it was pretty packed. You could tell many were huge fans too. Can’t wait for this Wed. Probably be the very last time ever on the big screen. We’ll go out for drinks afterwards too, aww can’t wait! Wed will be such a good night! Can’t wait to buy it on Bluray as well!

Just wanted to mention the comments for this blog. I’ve noticed that there are a very small group of you who do leave comments – which is fucken GREAT! :). Love feedback and messages from you guys. But noticed in a few of my last ones that you guys think I never reply, in fact even saying it in the comments. Was a little frustrating considering the trouble I go through trying to separate all the spam comments from actually people.

Have any of you gone back to previous blogs and looked down at the comments? You will see that I actually DO reply. I know I don’t reply straight away, but I do eventually. I usually just wait till they build up for a while, then do them all at once, just pump out replies till I’m all replied out hahaha.

But I’ll tell you, I get thousands of spam comments every month, I don’t think I’ll ever catch up with them – last time I checked I have 8,000 unchecked comments :(. It’s so hard to get rid of them all. Sometimes I accidentally delete comments from you guys & I’m sorry, but put yourselves in my shoes. I don’t have time to sit here all night deleting and blocking all that spam shit that comes through – I have a hard enough time trying to post here on a regular basis!

Plus it’s no big deal I reckon, I mostly get messaged directly from you guys on all the websites I’m on. I find it easier that way, plus most of you are too shy or just not bothered to comment here so it’s all good :) But just letting you guys know that I do reply to all your comments, just go back and look for yourself ;)

That Entertainment Weekly magazine finally fucken came!!! I checked the magazine place almost daily, and the guys working in there must have thought what the hell is this weirdo doing coming in and walking out everyday HA!. I almost jumped in the air when I saw the shiny new edition of the EW mag I’d been searching for! YAY! The DH article wasn’t as huge as I expected but it was still reasonable. I read like once page a week, was soo scared to just sit and read it all in one sitting. I wanted to make it last. Was very interesting and I even learned a few new things about the show. Fuck I’m going to miss it :)

This Sunday is the last episode before the 2 hour Season finale. It hasn’t really sunk in to be honest – probably because I’m so busy with work, and when I’m not working I’m trying to catch up on sleep or trying to have fun either moviewise, foodwise or sexwise :P

If this had ended while I was in uni, it would have more effect because I had a lot more time to myself. But don’t get me wrong I’m still pumped as fuck for the ending, feeling this huge wave of excitement and sadness building inside me.

So tomorrow I’ll be downloading the last regular episode ever of my crazy Wisteria Lane show. The 13th of this May is when the Final plays – 2 hours to finish 8 years of magic LOL! God, the emotions I’ll go through when I watch that show. Here’s the Promo: http://youtu.be/lsz1Ro8Hu74

You know I actually planned to make a ‘big’ night of it. I was going to make this big nest of blankets and cushions on the floor or couch with lots of yummy food & drinks and stay up super late and download the episode in High definition and watch it on the TV – and even take the day off work the next day. But I just got news from my big boss that I have to go into the office at 7am on the 14th to help with some new program that being launched for our company. So that kinda throws that plan out the window. Maybe I’ll just leave it till the next night ;)

I also got the latest National Geographic edition – because it has Titanic on the cover – why else? :P

Looks really interesting, and this article looks huge so will have lots of fun reading all about it. It’s got all the latest pics of the shipwreck – most never seen before and even has this awesome little mini poster in the middle of a diagram the sinking. So awesome! I love when magazines feature things I love, makes me think that my obsessions are shared by other people as well & I’m not some crazed freak hahaha.

I am still going to Fiji, I’ve had a few guys ask me if that’s actually happening. It IS! :)

It’s my own fault though, haven’t really mentioned it in my other blogs, so would’ve been easy to forget. I can tell you it’s all officially paid off. I decided to book 2 day trips – one out to Treasure Island, and the other to Castaway Island.

Treasure Island is pretty tiny with nothing but one resort on it. I figured it would be awesome to just be on an island that you can walk around in a single day, hell even under an hour – it’s pretty tiny! Be awesome to just lax on the beach, go for a swim and whatever. Apart from the size, the other main factor was the turtles, my sis is a huge fan of them and a lot of turtles do lay their eggs in the sands of Treasure Island and apparently there’s a little turtle breeding sanctuary there – but not certain, think I read that somewhere. But even then, who knows whether it’ll be that time of year when they lay the eggs or the babies hatch when we go. Would be awesome to get there and get to see some baby turtles. When a workmate of mine went last month – she did that day trip to Beach Comber island and they had baby turtles there so I got fingers crossed for us!

I don’t really know much about Castaway Island. But people at work practically forced me to book it – they all said it was a great place and said that it’s not as boring as Treasure Island. I’m not very adventurous so I reckon I’ll probably just end up doing the same boring shit as I did on Treasure Island. Our booking includes lunch at the restaurant there so that’ll be cool :). Pretty sure there’s just one resort on there too.

Honestly I’m just going to chill out. I mean completely LAX out. I just wanna lay in the sand and get a tan – something I can’t do anymore especially with my full time job {plus its practically winter here already}, muck round in the ocean, play in the pool and pig out at the restaurants and sleep. I would LOVE to add sex with hot men into that equation – but let’s face facts, on a tiny island like that there won’t be any chance of that happening. I’ve already had a ‘squiz’ on the dating sites at the Fiji sections – there’s even less to choose from than Auckland. And all the hotties that are there – are nowhere near the resort I’m staying at, so I’m just not gonna bother – like I did when I went to the Gold Coast last year. But if you do know any hot gay men living there, feel free to let me know ;)

We fly out on the 25th, which is still a fair way off to me. Almost 3 weeks, still a fair bit of work to get through before then. Have saved $500 so far which I think is enough – especially for a country with money worth less than ours {so I’ll get more then I exchange it}. Have 2 more pays before then, so prob have 600 or 650. Surely that’s enough for 5 nights in Fiji? I mean we’ll only spend it on food…. not really a destination you go to shop. I’ll have a credit card on me anyway if the shit hits the fan. Plus my sis will hopefully have some money to play with.

Anyway that’s probably the most uneventful/boring blog I’ve done in a while but I wanna get something up and this is all I can carve off the top of my brain right now. I’ll try write something more worth reading about next time. Part 2 of my internet themed blog is still in the works. Also planning to make another aussieBum purchase before I fly out so will deff fill you guys in on what I get :P

Hope you guys are all doing well. before you know it we’ll be halfway through 2012. I can’t even start to tell you how strange that seems.

Till next time :)